Friday, September 10, 2010

Where In The World Do Tops Have The Best Chance of Finding a Bottom?

This article is taken from the website where they did a random survey with a global analysis of tops and bottoms recently ( 25 Aug 2010 )

Costa Rica leads the planet in men who want to pound butt, while Denmark claims the title of having the most willing participants to have exactly that done to them.

But if you guys take a closer look at the column for BOTTOMS -- What did you find?

-- Yup, surprise, surprise -- the word "MALAYSIA" is in the Top 3! Whoa..I didn't know that Malaysia has a lot of gays who prefer to be fucked instead?! -- So, do you guys agree that we, Malaysians, are a bunch of frenzy receivers or the result of the survey should be challenged instead?!
Hahahahaha. However, if we look at the complete list which comes with a percentage, below....
(Numbers indicate percentage of tops)
1. Costa Rica – 62.37%
2. Venezuela – 61.73%
3. Cuba – 61.48%
4. Panama – 60.93%
5. Dominican Republic – 60.88%
6. Colombia – 59.54%
7. Portugal – 58.39%
8. Italy – 58.18%
9. Spain – 57.92%
10. Egypt – 57.71%
11. Argentina – 57.69%
12. India – 57.45%
13. Chile – 57.31%
14. Switzerland – 56.91%
15. New Zealand – 56.60%
16. South Africa – 56.58%
17. Brazil – 56.08%
18. Greece – 55.95%
19. Israel – 55.43%
20. Ireland – 55.12%
21. Philippines – 54.63%
22. Belgium – 54.46%
23. Australia – 54.02%
24. Thailand – 53.41%
25. Mexico – 53.17%
26. Netherlands – 52.95%
27. USA – 52.80%
28. South Korea – 52.26%
29. Canada – 52.01%
30. France – 51.79%
31. Sweden – 51.65%
32. Peru – 51.05%
33. England – 50.64%
34. Germany – 49.56%
35. China – 49.48%
36. Indonesia – 48.92%
37. Russia – 48.69%
38. Malaysia – 48.51%
39. Taiwan – 46.95%
40. Denmark – 46.40%
The percentage of Tops in Malaysia is 48.51%, while for Bottoms is 51.49% -- Meaning, it is still equally distributed among Tops & Bottoms - ma. 1 Top for everyone 1 Bottom. Fair and square right?! 
Well, at least the survey helps to highlight and increase the exposure of gays in Malaysia to the world. Hahahaha.

For more surveys, you guys can still check out my old post where I nonsensically did a post of
 Gay Sex-Role Preferences -- Top / Bottom / Versatile -- Distribution Among States In Malaysia!
( Click here: )

With that, I wish all my Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Holidays to every one as well. Muacks from Simon Lover!


Takashi said...

HEhe very well informed!!

Wahah.. means if i go to central amerika, my ass will be very busy 24/7???

William said...

Do these numbers take versatiles into account?

Hide and Seek said...

Hmmmm, but I believe (in Asia especially) many people fake their preference, i.e. a lot of actual bottoms state in their profiles that they are top or top versatile, so the bottoms estimates should be lower than the actual % :P

Little Dove said...

What an interesting report!

I think there is a drastic increase of bottoms in Malaysia when people started to 'party and play' and have problems achieving erection due to the 'party pills' they consume.

Koala Express said...

more btms. yay... :P

Paul Figaro J said...

where the hell you got these weird information??!

Takashi said...

lol i dont do drugs but i can last 1-2 hours as a bottom, compared to less than 5 minutes as a top!!! :)

confirm chop bottom already.

simonlover said...

@Pluboy:No need to go there.In Msia also u kena fucked like hell jor.Go there, just step out of the customs check also kena raped by the hunky officers liao! - I don't think u'll like those kinda lifestyles lor!

@William: I dun think they inc versatiles. Bt then,i notice many of gays put "versatile" in their profiles !

@Hide@Seek:I dun think they will fake like that. Most of them would prefer to put "versatile" instead. Cz in that way, they get to flirt with both T/B before going deeper into a relationship. If just strictly T/B, they automatically kill off the 50% chances of meeting their suitable candidates!

@Little Dove: REally? I tot those poppers help them to stay hard and endless night fucking thruout the Nite - geh?!

@Koala, Paul: Haha.Yay to the bottoms, inc you guys?!! Hehehe

@Takashi: 5mins as Top?!! Well, at least i can last longer....Tsk tsk tsk!

Anonymous said...

28Korean.not bad

Anonymous said...

As other people who posted have noted, there are many reasons to suggest these numbers are not particularly reliable. All top countries of 'tops' are located in the most conservative parts of Latin America, is that a coincidence? In more macho cultures, men attracted to men may be less likely to adopt the label 'bottom' and many versatile men may want to identify as tops. On the other hand, in other societies (something to note particularly in Asia), men who prefer to top role may often not self-identify as gay and perhaps not even consider joining a gay personals website. The numbers from Germany and Denmark (both very liberal Western societies) may be closest to accurate... and I don't even have to explain why the results are even less reliable if people who don't mention preference or put it 'ask me' are ignored... In my experience they make up the largest group of Manhunt members in many countries.

link within

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