Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Singapore Hunk - Xavier Hu!

Once again, another pictorial post featuring a familiar model to the world of Gay Singapore where I'm sure, most gay singaporeans have somehow, at least seen one of his pictures before on the Net!

His name is Xavier Hu Xi Hong, whose sexy Sportsmenasia 2007 Calendar was vilified & contaminated by many Gay Guys who had cummed on the calendar for God knows, a hundred times?!!!

Name: Xavier Hu Xi Hong
DOB: 17 March 1988
Height : 173 cm
Weight : 64 kg
Hair : Black
Eyes : Brown
Chest : 38
Waist : 30
Hip : 36
Education: Ngee Ann Polytechnic '08; SIM-UOL Banking, Finance '10.

The infamous Sportsmenasia 2007 Calendar that was the object of desire in every Singapore gay guy's wet dreams in Singapore back then.

Oh My God! Wait - 2007?! Means the photoshoot was taken in 2006 and Xavier was only 18 years old back then! And that was before he entered the military-style National Service! Whoa..And you look at his latest pictures near the end of this post, he's body is still well-maintained!

He used to worked part-time in Sportsmenasia Store at Chinatown Point, Singapore.

With good looks and well-toned body, it's natural for the store to asked Xavier to model for them.

Clad only in sexy swimtrunks available in Sportsmenasia, they didn't expect the Calendar to be a Big Hit especially among the Gay Community !

Who wouldn't? With pictures like that, I'm sure all the Horny, Hamsap Gay Top Men want to have a piece of him while the Bottoms imagined being served by a hunk!

Now, I just wished I look as good as him back when I was 18 years old! -- 
Hmm.. Does anyone of you have a clearer & better resolution pictures of the above calendar?!!
Well, another way to obtain more of his pictures is when you purchase something ( no minimum value ) at Sportsmenasia's Store in Chinatown Point, Singapore or either online. You can read more of it, here: http://www.sportsmenasia.com/gallery/

-- Xavier Hu Xi Hong --

During his cadet years in National Service. Smart? 
- Hahaha. I wouldn't mind being handcuffed by  handsome policemen above - lor!

Looking suave as well in business suit!

Xavier also participated in Cleo Magazine's Most Eligible Bachelors 2010

With fellow participant, James Aw -- Another cutie which I'm trying to get hold of more pictures! Hehe

Xavier was also one of the finalists in Mr. Manhunt Singapore 2010 where he was the 4th Runner-Up.
Looking sexy in Japan's Toot & Aqux Swimtrunk!

During one of the swimwear & underwear segments..

The look and the Body of a champion? Hmmmmm.....

Strip-tease?!! Yikes!

Xavier's latest pictures, August 2010. Still retaining his wonderful body & youthful looks when he was 18 years old....?!

---- Xavier Beach-Boy'ing ---
Two Guys helping each other to apply tanning lotion - How Gay can they be?!!!

So SMOOTH & WATER-PROOF body where any cum that falls onto his body will sure flow from it!!! Don't even need to wipe it off!

Macho Macho Man!

Smooth Bare Back!! Who say's Xavier can't bring Sexy Back?!!!

 After all the brou-ha-ha surrounding Xavier, it's disappointing enough to note, that Xavier is actually a Straight Guy, who doesn't mind dressing like a Gay Guy ( Hence, I have always mentioned & maintained my point of view, that Singaporean Guys be it straight or gay, are dressing too ambiguously for us to differentiate who's gay or not ) -- And here are some of the pictures of him with his latest Girlfriend!

The Lucky Gal' who gets to be wet & wild with Xavier instead!

Well, and as for "US", we can only please ourselves by hoping that Xavier will release more sexy calendar pictures of himself in near future - lor!  A sad occasion for "US" right?!


Koala Express said...

haih simon simon... get a real 1. :P

Bravebear said...

Normal lengzai ba... certain angle he don't look good...

Willk said...

Don't worry mate, there is alot good looking and pretty boy with hot body at Singapore. Just drop and enjoy you weekend at Orchard Road and you will have as much as you want. :p

tenchunk said...

Good Job! Definitely package them and take away. Hope more Singarpore and Malaysia guys here..

simonlover said...

@Koala: Hw to get real one?! Get well soon ya!

@Bravebear: Well, i think we are more good looking than him. But body wise, we'll kalah kao-kao! Hahaha

@Willk:Haha. Yup. Eh, you hvnt mention wat kinda mixed guys do u like?!!

@Tenchunk: Well, I'm hoping to find more of Malaysian guys as well. But then, Msian's are still very conservative!

Will said...

He is still working at Sportsmenasia...quite modest and friendly in person

Anonymous said...

met him when was at the store. very nice in person and was helpful in selecting best underwear for me.

jem said...

looks best when he doesn't show his teeth when smiling...

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