Saturday, September 4, 2010

Latest Wedding 2010 Hair Collection by Michael Poh!

If you guys ever going to plan a wedding with your boiboi(s), please consider some of the latest hairstyles shown below, which are styled & created by Malaysia's Sexy Hairstylist, Michael Poh from Hairzone. Do leave your valuable comments on which hairstyle you want or like the most ya! -- ( or You can also say which "GUY" you like the most! - Hehehehe )

Michael Poh, second from left, with his gorgeous male models!

Hairstyle "No.1" by Lengchai Model "A"

Hairstyle "No.2" by Lengchai Model "A"

Hairstyle "No.3" by Takuya Kimura Lips' Model "B"

Hairstyle "No.4" by Takuya Kimura Lips' Model "B"

Hairstyle "No.5" by McDreamy Model "C"

Hairstyle "No.6" by McDreamy Model "C"

Hairstyle "No.7" by Hunky Model "D"

Hairstyle "No.8" by Hunky Model "D"

Hair Zone Studio
Founded by Michael Poh
( A short biography of him taken from )

Michael Poh, is born in a small town called Beaufort, Sabah. He likes art, singing, dancing and dresses himself well. During his secondary school, his interest in hair has grown, and to the extreme that only a professional hairdresser to crop and style his hair. This is why he is quite fussy with his hair. Another thing that concern to him most is fashion. Fashion for him is to looks good, presentable, fresh and respectful. That is why he is very particular the way he dresses himself up.

When he was studying in Kolej Damansara Utama at that time, he discovered his talent for hairstyling when he cut one of his college mate's hair. It was his first time. At that time, it took him about 3 hours to cut and style the hair. And by the end of the day, unexpectedly, he did a very good job in it with no training and experience before.
Unfortunately, during economic crisis, his family faces financial problems and could not support him to further his studies. He felt pressure from his family, and he too does not want to be a burden for his family. That is when he took a very great step to do a seven months hairdressing course in Franers Hairstyling Theme in Malaysia. His family, of course disagreed with his moves, but at last he convinced them, and with his siblings support, his parents agreed.

As a hairdressing student, he performed very well better than expected, and in three months in his course, he was proposed to be a hairstylist. Six months later, he was promoted to be a Salon Manager and he was only 20 years old. The salon's business increased tremendously and with that, in a very short time, he was proposed to Artistic Director. The salon of course, appreciates him very much to the extent of sending him to overseas for training as well as guiding him during seminar.

Ambitious Michael then took a big risk, to open his own salon with his hard-earned savings in 1994. He figured that he has nothing much to lose to open a salon since he is quite young and he was quite well-known also. The studio is called HairZone which locates in Sungai Wang Plaza. He begins to receive calls from models, magazines and TV programs for him to do his masterpiece on hairstyling, make up as well as photography. Every year, he will have a grand show, where famous models and celebrity will attend.

Then in 1994, Michael opens bigger salons which is a beauty and image centre called May Sin Herbal Facial Centre. Two years later, he opens a fashion outlet (Good Mixer Collection). Both of these also locate in Sungai Wang Plaza. Later on, in 2003 Michael opens another successful hair salon (D'Room Encounter) and also a photography Studio (Playzone Studio).

During these 12 years, he experienced a lot and appears frequently in magazines, TV programs, and also becomes a TV host. In order to gain more knowledge and experiences in this field, he travels aboard almost ever

Michael Poh and his equivalent sexy HairZone colleague, Dickxon!

Lot S148, 2nd Floor, Sungai Wang Plaza, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603-2141 5296 / 2141 5295     Fax: 603-2148 2303

G6, Ikano Power CTR, No. 2, Jln PJU 7/2, Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, 47800. Sleangor D.E.
Tel: 603-7726 8155 / 7726 9155    Fax: 603-2148 2303

HAIR ZONE ACADEMY * Trained By: Mr. Micheal Poh ( Malaysia's Famous Hair & Image Consultant ) 
Lot S136, 2nd Floor, Sungai Wang Plaza, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603-2141 5296 / 2141 5295     Fax: 603-2148 2303 


blue said...

i have always admire those guys with soft hair where they are able to style in whichever way they desire. cos mine is thick and hard, hardly can style anything.

William said...

I think I can pull off style #6. Dickxon not bad le. :P

Takashi said...

michael is a very down to earth guy.. i have the chance to meet him once cos he has an outlet in ikano ;P

Christian said...

Sorry, there is no hairstyle I like in this post. That's the first time I have to say this about far-east-Asian's hairstyles. When I was in Thailand for holiday, I didn't see any hairdo I did not like (all Thai boys I know have wonderful hairdos).

simonlover said...

@Blue: Yours already "THICK" & "HARD" and you still wanna "bend" it here & there ah?! Choi!

@William: You don't talk so much, you "shampoo girl" hair-quality guy! =P

@Takashi: Not ngam u cz he's one of us ( refering to me & u )?

@Christian: Well, different people has different preferences. That's the beauty that God gave us. Bt i do agree on BKK boys! - Their "thick, bushy, dark, shiny" hairs!

Twilight said...

The hair styles are great but I might look like a witch! You agree?

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