Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beautiful Boys With Their Beautiful Pets - Part 3!

Yes! In continuation of my popular "Beautiful Boys With Their Beautiful Pets" posts - You can read the previous ones here - PART 1 and PART 2

( Hahaha ... Or rather it's an excuse for not writing longer posts especially on my short getaway to Thailand as well as Penang recently...PROCRASTINATION is a DEADLY disease indeed! -- or a new post on "8 Wonders Of The Horny BF & Simon Lover's World" which is due in 1 week time! Sigh -- So fast another year gone by! )

Both of them look so CUTE!!! Angkuku?!

Realized today's pictures are mostly Golden Retrievers!

Malaysian Singer, Jack Yap with his cute Retriever! Notice the tongue is still too long for the puppy?!

Retrievers are very active when they are still puppies. But once they've grown up, they become more obedient and no more running around - liao. So not cute right?!!

Haha..I dunno what kinda dog is that. Their from Taiwan though.

Now, I'm more focused on that smiling cute boy instead! Oh, Behave Simon!

Hehehe..This picture is actually kinda out-of-place...But then, how can I say no to a smart guy with a cute Hello Kitty - leh?!
Enjoy ya! Yours truly, Simon Lover.


Koala Express said...

angugu... n out of place... wahaha... i shud get less pain for my sat operation thinking of this. lolx

nicky05 said...

WAH, The guy is cute. I meant the guy in fist pic...hahahaha. And the guy with green singlet. He stole his bf spot light. Those pretty eyes,and lips..hohoho

simonlover said...

@koala & Nicky: Haha.Why lately always both of you are the earliest to comment in my blog - eh?!!! Any "explanations" - bor?!!!

@Koala: Hope you'll have a handsome doc to soothe ur pain as well! Wish ur op a success ya!

@Nicky:The Green SInglet guy, I hv pics of him shirtless too. You want ah? Hehehe

Bravebear said...

Drools over the 1st picture! oh oh.. I have the same taste as Nicky :p

allan said...

Happy Anniversary... wishing you n the horny bf everlasting love n happiness together..

William said...

Next post: cute guys as pets.

Skyhawk said...

Yes, 1st pic guy is singlet one as well...yes, please post cute guys as pet...lolx!

fable frog said...

the dog in the car is chow chow, i used to have one at my house when i was young.

simonlover said...

@Bravebear:U can say u hv same taste wit me as well ma. If not I wouldnt put him as the 1st pic oh! =P

@Allan:Thanks Allan.

@William & Skyhwak: You want the guys chained as pet look isit?! Hard to find leh

@Fable:Oh.Chow-chow..Guess u sure miss it right.

xoussef said...

What a lovely Chowchow !! ^^

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