Monday, September 13, 2010

Cute Taiwanese Couple!

Does this guy look familiar to you? For those who have a fetish in browsing pretty pictures of sexy guys ( say...William & Derek? ) , I'm sure you have seen this guy before in various galleries from PLU websites! I know I have - But in these past few years, all the pictures that I have seen before were the first four pictures below - nia - until recently!

Does this guy look familiar to you?

Yes, his most famous picture is no doubt, the one in his skimpy swim trunk above!

These pictures are mostly taken way back in 2006-2007

And do want to see how he well he is in maintaining his youthfulness over the years?

So, without further ado, I will like to share this cute Taiwanese guy in today's post - plus his boyfriend as well! I don't have his real name, but I know he's a Taiwanese, born 1 December 1983. ( So, if anyone of you bump across his pictures in some of the personal profiles at Gay Social Networks, most probably a fake! )

Latest 2009-2010 Pictures!

Yikes!So smart! Better get away from this sexual predator ( Me? ) if he's a medical sales representative! I can't guarantee what I might do to him.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who says WHITE is boring?!! You better swallow it back - k!

Perfectly toned body. Not too skinny, not too bulky...Just right!

I think he's not the only one sweating at the moment lor - Guys, Control yourselves!

Ish! - That paper should be burned to ashes!

Sigh..Make me SOO wanna go Taiwan - nia! Of course, not only for their beautiful men - lar. I'm sure Taiwan has alot of "interesting" stuffs for us to explore as well!

Oil massage anyone?!!!

And presenting to you, his Hunky Boyfriend

The epitome of Taiwan Male Beauty?!

I can feel the aura of his smile reaching my mind at the moment!

Very sweet couple indeed!

And that's the advantage of having a compulsory 2-year National Service training in Taiwan!   
All they need to do, is to maintain the well-toned body that they've gained during that 2-year!

Now, when can we get Abercrombie & Fitch clothes in Malaysia - leh?!!! But I doubt I could even fit in their size "S" Tee anyway.....SIgh.

Nah...I just like this photo because I think It's taken with a DSLR - kot. Focusing on his handsome face and with a blurred background. Nice! - And of course, with that smile....Lagi nicer?!

Awww...I just wish all the best to this sweet couple!

And also to my Horny BF as well....He still owe us an article - lor! Now, when will he guest-post again - leh?!!
( p/s: Sorry for this totally absurb and "Miang Number One" post - k! Guess I've kinda lost my rational state of mind when faced with a lengchai! -- Oops...Exposing my weakness to the public! ) 

Have A Good Night Sleep To Everyone - ya!
( Hmmm...I realize I have been posting quite a lot of Taiwanese Boys instead of our fellow Malaysians & Singaporeans! - Well, can't blame me either because it's very difficult to find good pictures of Malaysian/Singapore PLUs - unless, you guys can help me out of course! - Hmmmmmm )


William said...

No leh. Not familiar. Your collection is WAY bigger than mine. :P. I love the last pic. I like the way he clings to his BF. :)

Takashi said...

HEhehe... I will let u feature me.. once i sort out my pics...
but u have to let me know which angle u wanna write la hehehe..

and oh.. his bf is EXACTLY my type.. the type of men I am looking for in a bf.. :(


Willk said...

pls feature mixed guy instead pure asian. Let's change something new. :p

Skyhawk said...

The last 2 pics are awesome....thanks for your hard work for the chronology....

nicky05 said...

izit every couple that one had look older than the other?...:D

allan said...

nice cute couple..n you are right!..the horny bf has been quiet n laying low for a long time..

Gratitude said...

That William/Derek couple is super duper clingy.

Horny BF said...

I am still here. >_<
A silent reader on most days, this Horny BF runs out of steam fast.
What would you like me to write about leh? SEXcapades?

simonlover said...

@William, SKyhawk: Nice right?!

@Takashi: Hope you'll find one soon!

@Willk:Well, what kind of guys do u want me to dig thru? =)

@Niicky:Well,it's just a coincidence. I hv a gay couple fren whr both of them look so twinky! So,it doesn't necessarily need to be cliche lor.

@Allan: Haha.Don't worry.I'll force th Horny BF to write soon.

@Grat:Yalor. Both of them so "duk ngan duk bei" Very "wat tat"-tim! =P

@Horny BF:Hehe. Just simply write a simple post lor.

Derek said...

Yes, i have seen his pic before. I think i prefer his previous pics coz he looked twinkier then. Now not so much alr LOL

Anonymous said...

I have him listed in my files as Cai Sheng Qing though I have no idea if that's his real name. Hope his BF appreciates him as much as we do. - Ian

blue said...

see the white shirt with a black crown sorta pic in front? One second its on him, the next second its on the other him. Clothes-sharing or lovers' suit? ;P

simonlover said...

@Derek:Hehehe. Which other guys in ur vast collections do u want me to find out more?! You can send it to me ah. =P

@Ian: You can google his nickname "Acrown Tsai". But then, i don't have his real name too.

@Blue:Wah. Either your sharp eyes are meant to help ur meticulous work habit or it's meant for "spying" only?!!!

blue said...

can i say MPV? stands for Multi Purpose Vision hahaaha...

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