Friday, October 28, 2011

Playing Safe ....

Hmmmm .... Another routine day, today. Sometimes, I just wish I can always have the same wittiness and sam-pat'ness mood in writing posts. Hahaha .... Oh, well. At least it gives me an excuse to post more pictures from my collections.

Probably in a few days time, I will post up a picture of a Sexy Groovin' Underwear [ With or without flesh? It's your call, my dears! ] , that the Horny PLUBOY bought for me, a few months back when he was in Bangkok?

So guys. It's always important for us to play it safe.

While the Bottom is busy readying himself for the all-night penetration,

The TOP is also busy preparing his "machine" for the night's oscar winning performance!

Yeap, that's right...You need to "warm" your big brother up first, okay?!

But of course! Before any sexual acts, always ask the Bottom first whether he wants any penetration or not, before swiping you rock, hard dick over his butt! Don't just think that every Bottoms' asshole is for hire, okay?! -- Sometimes, the bottoms are just not into anal sex!

And always, always ...Remember to prepare at least TWO condoms, just in case the first one broke due to your aggressive movements, ya!

Another option when the bottom is not into anal and you're afraid of getting STDs, even from oral sex....You can always choose to buys condoms with flavours so that your bottom can suck your cock without worrying the latex taste!

But, of course....It's a joke that Bottoms don't like anal sex, right?!! Look at all these bottoms?!!! What do they have in common?!! Hahahaha --- Slut, betul!

If anyone of you, doesn't know how to wear a condom, [ Please hands up, to my dears who really, really, really don't know how to wear?!!!!!!!! ] ---- Do not be embarrassed, just let the sexy Brent Corrigan teach you how!!

And without wasting any time....It's time for HOT, WILD SEX, my dears!!!!

Yeah, baby....!

Of course, sweet or even dirty talking during sex is makes it more kinkier! Foreplay is important, my dears!

Yeah, Fxxx Me Hard! =)

Ride on' my lil' brother?!!! 

Shucks, I'm caught on camera!

Sometimes, lubricants like KY-Jelly helps penetration easier....

Or, if you don't like the bland, KY Jelly, you can try for Durex's Massage Lube or Tingling Lube that makes your partner's asshole having a tingling effect! 

[ p/s: If you guys read carefully on the label of each Durex products, they state clearly that, these products are strictly for vaginal use only ----! Hahaha .... Why can't they come up something for gay - lous - leh?!! --- ]

[ And another p/s: I didn't know about this until the Hamsap William Blogger came to my workplace with his bunch of "brothers" and checking out my condom selections! ]

But, one good thing about wearing a condom is that, they save you a lot of hassle of cleaning up after sex! You see, everything in one bag!!!!!

Or you guys prefer to have this kinda dirty, messy after-sex session, where cum stains are all over the bottom's body?!!! Huh? Huh? Huh?! ---- You tell me?!!

Messy or no messy, we still need to prepare tissue papers..... To wipe the cock, to wipe the asshole, to wipe the spilt cums, to wipe the sweats and also to wrap the used-condoms!

Wrap nicely, you wouldn't want your parents to find out...or your partner if you're two-timing him!

Everyone is feeling tired after the hot session.... 

Time for a good, night sleep!

Before waking up the next morning and showering together! Kinky!

And lastly, here are some :

a) To those BOTTOMS who doesn't like anal sex, the best time to enjoy anal sex is when you're drunk okay!!!!
b) and to those lusty TOPS who have eyed their preferred bottoms for ages but the bottoms does not bother their advances, the best time to XXXX them, is when they're drunk!!!!!!!! --- Hahahaha, I'm so BAD! 

Please enjoy da VIDEO!


Deicidal said...

with flesh. please. :D

William said...

I was just on a fact-finding mission k? :P. You could have guided us with your personal experiences on each product.

William said...

And the drunk rape video... wahhhh... why let him cum then fuck him?

Jem said...

if the top xxxx the bottom when he is drunk without consent, isn't it a criminal offence ?

simonlover said...

@Deicidal:Haha..Maybe I shud try getting Pluboy to tag along! Tsk,tsk!

@William: Innocent? You're an innocent boy?!!! Remember the vibrating condom? Innocent wor....

@Jem: Haha. Sorry for sounding like I'm supporting indecent acts! I think I went overboard with my suggestions! Haha.. Just trying to create a happy atmosphere - ma.

Takashi said...

hahah i loved to tag along...

wait.. for?

simonlover said...

@Takashi: Wait for professional photographer! Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Deicidal said...

@takashi: underwear model mahhhh :P

Sexographer said...

maybe u can tell us what is the difference between a plain vanilla bottom and a super bottom ... :-)

jem said...

@simonlover: i guess if the bottom is too shy, then some drinking would be great to ease the tension for better sex.

Rob H said...

Can't wait to see more of you in your Groovin'! Lots of flesh please.

Love this post btw, very hot!

simonlover said...

@Sexographer: Have you XXXX a plain vanilla bottom before? Tsk, tsk...Well, basically they have a very smooth skin & bottom, very shy..goody-goody but doesn't move or make a lot of noise during XXXX ..... Whereas for POWER BOTTOM, by almighty God, you'll expect to have one helluva unforgettable experience with lotsa smackings, suckings, kissings, foreplays, caressings, moans and acrobatic movements! ---- So, sexographer, which want is you? Hehe

@Rob H: Thanks! Haha...Probably Pluboy shd arrangean underwear themed party at his house!

Anonymous said...

where can i get the video link for the last video you posted? My broadband is so slow that the loading connection breaks off many times.. :(

link within

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