Monday, October 24, 2011

New Icon For Him, Malaysia's Hottest Hunk #18 - Kenji Yew!

马来西亚最具话题性与最受欢迎的《THE HOTTEST HUNKS IN MALAYSIA》猛男秀比赛!

Mr.Kenji Yew Shih Chon
DOB: 3 August 1990 ( 21 years old - only! )
Occupation: Currently studying at UKM, part-time model
Hometown: Alor Star, Kedah.
Stat: 175cm, 70kg, 41"-30"-36"

SMS - "HUNK 18" and send to 36213.
[ Each SMS is RM 1.00 ]

Modelling Pictures

He likes to camwhore as well!

Another SEXY-BACK hunk!

See the transformation of this cute, chubby kid - into a gorgeous hunk at 21-years-old!!!
[ That's why, I always tell many parents to, not to worry about their chubby primary-school kids --- Once they reach adulthood, they will grow up into a good looking stud! Probably cuz chubby kids have more fats for them to burn and mould into muscles!! -- Unlike scrawny kids like me, protein shakes doesn't work for me!! ]

Kenji @ Primary School Years

Kenji @ Secondary / Teenage years

Kenji @ 21-years-old!


William said...

How in the world did you get his childhood photos?

Anonymous said...

He's straight. I'm from UKM. My senior =D

Deicidal said...

i think i'm reading the same posts from u in a forum... LOL!

Le Chatelier said...

Hah, he is anti-gay, because he locked the gym just to bar me out! LOL CIBAI him!

simonlover said...

@Le Chatelier: What do you mean by "locked the gym just to bar you out?"....Yeah, actually I dun feel like posting him up also, because he made deragotory remarks of gays in his Facebook one....Sigh.

Anonymous said...

quite cute thou...

Le Chatelier said...

He locked the gym from inside, while he is working out ALONE!!! And when my female friend wanna use the gym, she need to knock the door, and then he opened the door ajar, peep out to see whether his "horrible" senior- that is me, was around the area or not. I think I print-screen his stupid remarks on his FB 2 years ago during that time. yeah he is definitely straight, sampai he snapped pictures of his abs to impress my junior. *facepalm* and the funny part was that a few girls felt that he was way too big, looked like rapist pulak~ LOL

Anonymous said...

Omg no wonder he look familiar. So much for being straight. He was hunting guys on jackd n being an asshole

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