Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Icon For Him, Malaysia's Hottest Hunk #28 - Alex Choong!

马来西亚最具话题性与最受欢迎的《THE HOTTEST HUNKS IN MALAYSIA》猛男秀比赛!

Hunk Number 28: Alex Choong Kok Kheong
DOB: 27 January 1991 [ OMG! - He doesn't look like 20 yo at all! ]
Hometown: Ipoh
Stats: 178cm, 65kg,  37"-29"-37"

One of the cutest, youngest and friendliest contestants around ....
[ I have blogged about Alex before, way back in Jan 2011 -- HERE ]

SMS - "HUNK 28" and send to 36213.
[ Each SMS is RM 1.00 ]

Look at the sensational transformation of Alex Choong!

From a scrawny 18 years-old back in 2009 -----  And fast forward into 2011!!!! 

Yeah, baby! Am I big or not? 

And what about this, my dears?! 

Alex with his good friend...

Staying through thick & thin with Alex, into transforming their bodies! 

Growing up together into suave guys, 2011!

As an 18-year-old, he wouldn't have imagined what he'll look like in 2011!

Nor, having a Sexy-Back like this in 2011!

He says that His Body Is Still Under Construction....

And What Say You - Leh?!!
Is he "Still under construction"?!

--- The Many Hairstyles Of Alex Choong ---
Which Hairstyle You Guys Like The Most?! 

Unfortunately me dears, he's already taken ......

But, if you guys like him, Please SMS & VOTE:

SMS - "HUNK 28" and send to 36213.
[ Each SMS is RM 1.00 ]


Anonymous said...

He looks more sexy BEFORE the body building.
He needs to stay away from the Gym for a few months.

William said...

Amazing transformation

Anonymous said...

So sad, the good ones are all taken!

Anonymous said...

Agree with the first comment--he looks so much sexier before the body building. Body building ruins a good body!

Bravebear said...

nice nice... Like his body after gym. I am for muscles.

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