Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Middle Bay, Gay Beach 中灣泳灘 - Hong Kong!

I know it's a little "too much" of me to continue blogging about my Hong Kong trip, which was, "for heaven's sake!" ---  way back in May?!

But then again..there are pictures which I have not shared with you guys yet! -- So, there we were, me & da Horny BF....Nothing else better to do...We decided to pay a visit to Hong Kong's famed Gay Beach 中灣泳灘 , Middle Bay at Repulse Bay!

Middle Bay Beach,中灣泳灘, Hong Kong's Gay Beach!


Taken from: http://www.urban-outdoors.com/gay-beaches-in-hong-kong/

Gayest beach in Hong Kong and the most cruising one. Located between South Bayand Repulse Bay, Middle Bay Beach is quiet and attracts mostly the local gays. If you spend the evening there, don’t forget to get a drink or dine at Bauhinia Beach Club which offers the beautiful subset view of Repulse Bay.
How to get there:
  • Bus 6, 6A, 6X, 66 or 260 from Exchange Square Bus Terminus (MTR Hong Kong Station Exit D) and alight at Repulse Bay. (45 mins)
  • Take a taxi from Repulse Bay to Middle Bay (10 mins) or by walk (30 mins)

If you decide to walk, here is the location map of Middle Bay Beach, from Repulse Bay beach.

You must alight from your bus at Repulse Bay. That's the only way. Once you've step foot at Repulse Beach, just walk until the end of Repulse Bay, where you'll see a big Kuan Yin temple over there. Just before the Kuan Yin temple, you need to walk up towards the main road of Beach Rd. Continue walking until you reach a T-Junction, cross the road & walk into the T-Junction and in 2mins, you'll be standing at a T-Junction once again and you'll see a road sign of "South Bay Road", just like the picture below: 

So, you turn to your right and continue your journey. The walk will take about 20minutes because it's kinda hilly as well. The picture below is how the pedestrian walk looks like: 

So, approximately 20minutes, later you better look out for the sign below, which clearly states: "Welcome To Middle Bay Beach"!

If you see the sign, it means that you're on the right path. And so, why are you still waiting?! Just make a dash down the stairs and prepare to get NEEEEKKKKKKIDDDDDDDDD! 

The building which you can see, is actually the toilet. And it's just halfway there! You still need to walk further down to reach the beach. That's one thing bad about the design. The shower room is located at the beach but there's no toilet! So, if you want to piss, you need to climb up the stairs! --- Well, is it because the powers-that-be, purposely build the toilet way up there as a mean of providing chances for the sexy "gay lou(s)" to strut around in their skimpy swimtrunks? ... Imagine yourself walking up the stairs, with the guy in front of you,  sashaying slowly with his perky buttline peeking out in his skimpy swimtrunk, at eye-level?!! Yummy indeed!

Here are some pictures of the beach:
The Ah-Sam ( Old cleaning lady ) , cleaning the beach...Wonder what she thinks of "people like us" - leh?! Does she get aroused seeing so many half-naked, hunky gay lou(s)?!!!

The lifeguard tower -- Unfortunately, there wasn't any David Chokachi nor David Hasselhoff of the Baywatch Hunks fame...

The view of Bauhinia Beach Club, which will play hosts to many gay events throughout the calendar year.

And this is where you'll shower after your swim! The changing room doesn't have any shower! Kheksei! --- You know before I came here, I was actually expecting the shower room to be an open-concept, with lotsa mirrors and naked gay Hongkie(s) showering together?!!! -- Mana-tau, theirs' is an outdoor shower-concept! Kheksei --- And their changing room is very "DRY" instead!

So, here is the time where you guys are waiting for!! -- I know most of you do! --- The guys at the beach!
Well, we actually fancied the guy above - lor! Hahahaha ....
We crossed eyes a few times at the beach, in the changing room....
Horny BF being Horny BF, I don't know why so many BOTTOMs fall for him - one! Including this guy! Horny BF kept brushing his hands over his cute "kuku" in his tight "SPY Henry Lau" swimtrunk at the changing room. But then again, there's a few guys in the room as well...Hence, we can't do "much" over there....

So, after we've dressed up, we left the place but before that, we stopped by at the toilet which I'v ementioned earlier. And the Bottom Guy followed us up as well! Hahaha..So, Horny BF used his charm to strike a conversation with him....His name is Ken, 21 years-old. Hahaha...and the way Ken speaks, is so "MANJA"! ( erm..pampered? spoilt? )

Have you guys watched before Wong Cho Lam's "Handelababy" character in TVB's Liza & Gods Variety Show...That's how Ken sounds! Hahaha -- "Ngo jip sau mm dou - lor!" 

We ended up doing nothing towards Ken. Just some chit chats and exchange of numbers, that's all..No hanky panky at all. Though Ken kept calling us a few nights to go out with him, where he can show us the "nightlife" of the gay & famous of Hong Kong!

Ken-Boy tanning...

The tattooed caucasian guy wanted to hit on me at the changing room. But then again, the Horny BF is with me...What can I do?!!!

Wait-a-minute?! Is that all?! 
Yup!! -- That's all my dear,....Only 7 of us, including me & da Horny BF throughout the entire 12noon-2pm..!! ( Wait, I missed out a 30 plus years old hunk in white speedo! -- I couldn't get a direct picture of him because it will be very obvious to the crowd that I'm actually snapping a picture of him! Wasted! )

Why, oh, why?!!! Where Have All The "CowBoys" Gone?!! -- Well, the main reason was we went there on a weekday! If i'm not mistaken, it's a Tuesday! --- So different from the first picture posted above right. I guess that is the "weekend crowd" - lor. Well, had no choice but to give-&-take - lor. Takkan I want to reschedule my itinerary, right? 

The changing room...

Well, that's all from our trip to Middle Bay. If you guys want to see lotsa hunky gay lou(s), visit the beach during weekends instead. Or head down towards South Bay, which is becoming more popular with gays nowadays. Middle Bay may have seen its best days..But then again, there are still regular patrons who will throng the beach and turn it into a Fantasy World Of Gays by noon! 



Anonymous said...

Nice beach.
When the butts are that sexy, you need more zoom range on your camera.
Ideally, an SLR for best quality.

However, perhaps a subtle superzoom compact such as a TZ20 would be less obvious, although requiring good daylight to get the best pics.

Anonymous said...

Is that you in the red swimsuit? I don't think that swimsuit could be any smaller... hehe... sexy ;-)

thompsonboy said...

thanks for the field report!

Anonymous said...

Hi, have been reading the blog for some time and enjoy the pics and the tongue in cheek comments from time to time. Thanks very much for the hard work in putting up the pics. I was at South Bay with my bf in July on a Sunday afternoon that was hot, sunny and packed with lots of hunky and sexy guys. Will have to spend time visiting Middle Bay in July next year. robert

link within

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