Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mike He's 贺军翔 Upcoming Photobook!

Following Jerry Yan, Godfrey Gao, and Ming Dao, popular Taiwanese actor, Mike He Jun Xiang especially went to Southern France to shoot for his first photo book, “Le Retour Du Sud De La France”.

 For the photobook, Mike posed nude while only covering his most important area with a blanket, making him the most daring male idol in terms of showing skin. Mike revealed that he originally only planned to go topless, but after arriving to Southern France, he decided to go all the way in order to breakthrough from his past image, as well as making it a great memory for the eight years that he has been in showbiz.

With just the photographer and his manager on set, Mike stripped away all his clothes. He expressed after the shoot, “Although I feel very embarrassed, I want to do this when I’m in the best shape and leave a great memory for turning 28. Furthermore, I want present a photobook that people will feel worth buying.”

Mike’s management company was very cautious about Mike's nude photo shoot. After the photographer finished taking the photos, the photographer surrendered his camera’s memory card right away to avoid the photos from being leaked. Mike’s manager expressed that they took another set of photos that were even more revealing, but they will decide on whether or not to put them in the photo book after seeing how the public reacts to the press release first.
The photobook will be released on September 21st.

Hopefully Mike He will surprise us in his new photobook...Please?! It's been a long time since any major Asian actor releases a semi-nude photobook. The last was, Hong Kong actor, Wong Hei, way back in 2001! 

Great news! To Gay Malaysians who want to have Mike He's photobook, you can pre-order it at Kinokuniya, KLCC! Here is how you can place your order:

The book is going to released on 21/9/2011 in Taiwan.
However, Kinokuniya will receive it around 1 week later.  
The book has two version, 套裝版(Deluxe) and 平裝版(Normal)
Kinokuniya is only bringing in the normal version.
If you want to buy the deluxe version, you will need to place an order.
Information of both version are as follows:  
Title: 南法寄出(平裝版/Normal Version) 
Publisher: 凱特文化/Kate Book  
ISBN: 9789866175411  
Estimated price: RM67  
Remark: No free gifts  
Title: 南法寄出(套裝版/Deluxe Version) 
Publisher: 凱特文化/Kate Book  
ISBN: 9789758450091
Estimated price: RM84
Remark: Comes with a set of 4 postcards and a DVD (30 minutes)

Should you wish to place order, you may email Kinokuniya
or call Kinokuniya at 03-21648133, ext 171/172.

Please note that order above RM300 requires 50% deposit.
Thank you.


Takashi said...

Im going taiwan after christmas.. u wan order? ahhaahha

William said...

Simon, when are you releasing your book?

keewee said...

Happy Mooncake Festival --- Show us some of your full moons :)

Alex said...

He is so CUTE!

Anonymous said...

Hes so sexy beautiful guy love to see your dick

Anonymous said...

soooooo handsome mike you are hot do the right thing lets see that COCK

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