Friday, September 23, 2011

Cute Hong Kong Twunk!

Fresh from my Hong Kong post.....Here's another dose of Hongkie invasion in my blog! Check out this cute Hongkie "Twunk"! I'm sure he's the cup of tea for many of my readers, RIGHT?!!! -- Don't LIE! I know many of you like TWUNKS! -- "Hamsap" betul!

[p/s: Just came back from watching da movie, "Johnny English"....Hahaha. Yup, the movie starring Mr.Bean, himself! I know the movie is too nonsensical. Wanted to watch "Contagion" but they only had the 9.00pm slot.

Anyway, anyone who has watched the movie might recognize the old, chinese lady serial killer -- She's the one who acted as Su-Lee in the 70's British Sitcom Comedy "Mind Your Language". Anyone "OLD" enough to remember "Mind Your Language" which was shown in our local TV back in the 1980's as well as 90's? --- Yeah, I'm that OLD! ]

[ p/s again:  I just look up on the internet, her name is Pik-Sen Lim and she is actually from Malaysia! She's the daughter of an oil palm millionaire and left Penang when she was 16 years old! -- How ironic is it, after all these years, know only I know she was a Malaysian! --- Yup, that's how serious it is, the "Brain Drain" situation in Malaysia! ]

Anyway....Back to today's cute TWUNK, ok! Focus, my dear, FOCUS!

Name: Juzco Nam Yuen Wai
DOB: 13 April 1988

His favourite drink is SPRITE! Anyone of you share the same interest? 

Juzco Nam, way back in 2008 ....when he's still a cute, twinky 20 years old! 

And this is how he transform himself into a SUPER - TWUNK! ( Twinkish Hunk! )

15 kg punya Dumb Bells! -- My GOD! I carry 7.5kg also my hands want to break - jor! Yikes!

Shirtless at the BEACH!
If you have got what it takes, just be proud to flaunt "it" like Juzco!

He has a very slim, "ideal" waist...I'm sure many TOPS here is going crazy to hold his "waist" while.....ahem...ahem! Behave, my dears..Behave!

"CUTENESS" to the MAX!

Isn't he adorable?!

Wearing fake glasses is the in-thing at the moment..I know many of guys own a pair of glasses like him!



Maintaining his smooth complexion!

Anyone wants to help him? 

I don't know why people like to stay half-naked at home...WHY - AH?!! Can you guys please explain it to me?!!!

Like Mother, Like Son!

Juzco Nam...Signing Off....This is how he looks like, now. Looking more manly and mature, eh?  


thompsonboy said...

chin chong

William said...

This guy seems to be very popular at the moment.

SZ said...

i wanna be one! hunk or twunk lol..

Anonymous said...

don't u guys know that he is already here to offer u a massage at RM40/hour. U don't believe me, try check this out:


Gud luck.

Bishonen said...

link exchange?

link within

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