Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Hot Bods!

Working in a shopping center as well as retail industry has somehow taken a toll on me. Hahaha. Working long hours means less quality time to spend with my loved ones, friends and even on myself! Hence, I understand why my fellow Singaporean pharmacists are avoiding the retail industry at all cost!!!!-- In short, the only way for me to move away from my currrent life is to seriously look for a willing sugar-daddy to support me - lor! Hahaha. =) [ And support my Horny BF as well! ]

Thus, today's post will be yet another nonsensical post of pictorials as I'm too tired to write about anything nonsensical at the moment ( or even near future!!! )

Hahahaha...If I don't pump up my pace during my gym sessions, my dream of owning a body like him will sure be unattainable! Haha -- WHERE got people do Body Pump carrying 1kg weights one! --- Even lighter than the ladies! Yikes!

Well, guess I should get my beauty sleep more often. I've been waking up at 7.30am and sleeps at 1.00pm daily for nearly 2 months liao!!! Sigh...All my Kiehl's effort will go down the drain if I continue to practice those sleeping habits!! With that...Wishing you guys a GOOD NIGHT SLEEP ya! Muacks!


William said...

Can tahan 1 year or not?

Skyhawk said...

1st and 3rd are my choice...sui!

Paul Figaro J said...

1kg weight for pump class??! U lucky I not join class with u or u not join my instructor class

simonlover said...

@William:Haha.Depends on my mood one. Must be more energetic and passionate about my job and life so indirectly it'll make me feel better - oh! CNY yumcha k?!!! Cum to klang again!

@Skyhawk: We have the same taste! Hehe

@Paul:Haha.Actually my mistake also.For that routine, i didn't know 1kg was actually very light.Hahahahahahahahaha. Aiya.My main aim is to tone up only ma.B4 that 2.5kg forced me to stand with my arms folding up, like giving lecture pose - for few days! Haik. Phobia jor ma. MA start slow first lo.

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