Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Indian Sex God!

Though I'm claiming to be a One Malaysian over here, I have many readers lamenting that I'm not trying hard enough to feature more Malays and Indians Hunks in my blog! Well, I have a particular taste where I usually will post guys that make me go ga-ga by the love of first sight. Hence, explaining the numerous pictures of chinese hunks in my blog! -- Hahahahaha -- Well, partly because I'm a Chinese as well - ma! Secondly, it's very difficult to find sexy pictures of Malay hunks in skimpy trunks/nude because of religious reasons in Malaysia and just like my Indian gay friend over the net by the name of Joachim Vishnu, it's very difficult to find Gay Indians in Malaysia as well!!!

Thus, today's post will be a little different from my usual flares as we'll be diving into the Indian ocean to explore the beauty behind the darkness of it. So, enjoy this Hunky Malaysian Indian Guy by the name Magen Dran!
Shaved armpits!!! Where is BeyondKiat?!!!!

Making Liverpool proud indeed!

Wonder whether he's clean shaven below there as well?! Hmmmm...

Sexy Back and a shoulder to cry on! Any-one?!

A-ha. Those sexy shots above are taken by the photographer by the name of Derrick Fong, the cute boy beside Magen Dran!

Candid shots of Magen Dran!

He's one helluva cam-whorer as well ain't he?! Hehe

Of all pics, I like this the most. Oozing with sensualness!

Mr.Cool..Shah Rukh Khan also kalah!!

Cowboy Casanova?! - Now, who'll be the lucky guy eh?

Who wants Magen Dran as your Chistmas Gift for 2011?!!

The Indian Sex God! 
There have been numerous researchs and surveys done to determine which ethnic line has the biggest penis and no doubt, the Indians always come out top. I can't really find more articles to support that statement, but here's a report published by Singapore's The Strait Times way back in 2000!

Well, the survey was done way back in 1996, which is 15 years ago. And I wonder have the penis sizes among various ethnics have changed over the years?! Well, I have not been shoved up the hole by other races besides Chinese before, maybe those who has any experiences might willing to share it over here?! Hahahaha....Cheers.


Tenchunk said...

Opps! I even dunt know u r Chinese.
Actually, I posted some Indian guys in my blog b4, but they got a lukewarm endorsement.

Anonymous said...

a good attempt but honestly i'm not turned on by this post. i think u better stick to featuring chinese hunks...they're more eye candy ^_^

Anonymous said...

im not that anonymous dick above , im another anon ,

i wanted to say that eventhough i am an indian i have to agree that this is not an indian sex god , it will only make other races think that this is the best u can find ,. Actually its very difficult to find indian gays around , so it makes it harder . Another thing is indians that have buff bodies dont exactly model or go for modelling like their chinese counterparts bcoz of the culture that has very little exposure to male modeling . I have seen very good looking hunky indians walking in the street in PJ , but u wont find them so much in modeling shoots. Perhaps its a malaysian indian thing to be the shy sort . Anyhow find the bollywood hunks , now thats eye candy!

mich said...

lol, ! great effort for colored pple there .However , agree with anon(no 2) , many others better looking , so no need to call indian sex god la , lol,but good effort anyway .For a change, i like to see pple of malay and indian ethnicity in ur hunky blogs .I know its not as easy to get those pics compared to chinese or japanese guys , but there are pics out there. Simon , oh simon , i am liking ur blog$!

William said...

A fellow Indian gay blogger once told me: "I'm a minority within a minority".

myguiltypleasure said...

anon 1: u are entitled to your opinion. perhaps u can be more careful at wat u utter. u might make alot of people upset.
anon 2: i agree but the only way to silence people like anon 1 is to produce evidence.
-an indian blogger who thinks different people have different likings and taste and if one is not capable of saying something constructive might as well keep the thought to himself.

Hdaran said...

A fellow blogger asked me to check this out and boy am I glad I did!!!

kiat said...

simon , is this the first time u had non-chinese hunks , if not are there the links u can share ?

:) said...

simonlover , i just spend about an hour looking thru ur entire blog.It seems to me that ur quite a sekolah kebangsaan kind of person . I am too ...:), plse keep up the good work , dont be racist like some other dumbass plu blogs. i dont expect the typical SJK(c) type of pple to be open like u , their too KIASU

Mr.D said...

I super likkeeeeeeeeeeee. THank you. =D

Anonymous said...

This Indian model is cute and hot...where can I meet him ah? Is he PLU?

Rob H said...

Magen is hot! Thanks for posting him. That pic of him in the cowboy hat by the pool is my favorite.

I have played with a few indian guys and I can definitely agree with the report from The Strait Times. They have all been big boys :-)

Joaquin Syed Vishnu said...

LMAO! I see my name over there... :p

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