Monday, January 24, 2011

Mr.Singapore 2009 - Nelson Lee ( Mr.Bishan )

I know it's kinda late to feature Mr.Singapore 2009 winner, but then, I find the winner too cute to be ignored! Hope you guys will enjoy Nelson Lee ya! Muacks!

Name: Nelson Lee 
Born: 1987
Stats: 77kg, 1.83m
Born in Singapore but grew up in Australia, Nelson was also a champion swimmer and tennis player in Australia before moving back to Singapore to render national service. He finished his degree of Biomedical Science from Bradford University.

Others: Female Mag Top 50 Beautiful Men 2008, Siloso Hot Bods Finalist 2008

Sexy Tanline!

Mr.Bishan 2009

His stripping moments...

Pictures of his Mr.International 2009 trip!

Random pictures of Nelson Lee, Mr.Singapore 2009

He and his sister....

Sexy fluffy looks!!!

One of his Siloso Hotbods friends

Looking very cute with his Renoma undies peeking out! =)

Fellow friends, Jason Chee and Richmond Ang!

Rock "SOLID" indeed!

Definitely deserved to be crowned as Mr.Singapore 2009!


Derek said...

How come you didn't ask is he one of us? Coz the answer is obvious right? LOL

If can, blog about the runner up for Mr Singapore 2009. I personally prefer to him to Nelson ;P

And I hope that things turned out ok for you! hugs!

simonlover said...

@Derek:Haha.You're wrong my dear! He's 110% totally straight guy who likes pussies!!!! -- SIGH! -- Such a waste! U mean Tang Jin Wei? Shouldn't you be liking guys that you can ..ahem...ahem..with? Haha! Too manly for my liking. I prefer Nicholas Teo bt difficult to find his pics! Haha. Muacks

Zhiyuan said...

hmm this Nelson Lee doesn't look good half of the times... and he pales in comparison especially when he takes a photo with the super cute and hot Jason Chee =p

Derek said...

Erm u sure he's straight? Doesn't look like it to me le from the videos. A bit na na dei. Not very obvious but can detect le.

LOL But you are the expert, I trust your sources.

Yeah Tang Jin Wei. Very manly meh? You don't like manly? But he's body nice le. Face also nice.

Zhiyuan: Yeah, Nelson doesn't look as good. That's why I said I prefer the runner up LOL

Anonymous said...

He looks cute only when he smiles. His non-smiling photos are not good.

link within

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