Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Malaysian Hunks Strike Back!

Malaysian readers must be wondering where have all The Malaysian Hunks gone to, after reading my previous post on the HUNKY SINGAPOREANS!!!

Well, do not despair, today's post is where The MALAYSIAN HUNKS strike back!!! Hehehehe -- THe rivalry between Malaysian and Singaporean has always been nothing but "friendly" --- So, this is where you guys can judge it for yourself! Enjoy ya! ( -- However, there's one part that Malaysia loses to Singapore, which is the availability of hunky Malaysian Hunks' bedroom sessions!!! - Hmm...Any suppliers out there can source it out for me?!! Hehehehehehehe -- )


The Three Hunky Musketeers!!!

Musketeer #1
IPOH - The quaint northern town that is well known for producing the BEST LENGCHAIS IN THE MALAYSIAN GAY WORLD! -- And to my Singaporean readers, those handsome Chinese Guy of Malaysian origin or Malaysian PR that you always fuck...Yup, that's right, you've been fucking an Ipoh guy all along!!! -- Hahaha...Just to show the chances/probablility are very high - la!

Hahaha...Wonder how come Marky's Little Devil is not bored with Marky's chests!!!

My God, I'm using the lightest weights ( 2.5kg - nia ) at Fitness First at the moment - nia!! When only I can see improvements - leh?!!!!

19  years old hunks -- I don't recall having a body like that when I'm 19!!!!! Boys nowadays are so vain!!!

A cute boy with an unexpected bodylicious bod!! -- He looks kinda like Wu Chun doesn't he?!!

This body is "So SALAH" for a 19 years old lor!!! Malaysian somemore! =P. Haha. Just my childish IMHO - nia!

A Killer Abs to die for!!! Look at the Veins leading all the way down to his ......!!!! Yikes! -- Imagine the amount of blood can be pumped in during the "engorgement" phase?!!! Hehehe
Also another 19 years old boy that doesn't look like one!!! Do you think he should look that way or you prefer him having the normal 19 years old Malaysian boy look instead?!! Hmmm...tough call eh?

His picture way back in late 2009 and early 2010. Few months of gym does make alot of difference eh?!


Malaysia's Hottest Hunk 2010 Winner - William Ng!!

He makes my fingers wanna go "Toot-Toot" on his perky chest nia!!!

If he's a lifeguard, everyday there'll be gays pretending to get drowned just to get the feeling of being hugged & molested by William Ng lor!

Well, the Malaysian Hunks are not complete with the compulsory, Malaysian Twinks or aka "La-La-Zhai(s)"!

Yup, this is how most of Malaysian twinks look and dressed like....Hahaha.

However, do not be deceived by their twinky looks! Some of them have bodies that can make "spurt" out!!!

Haha...Since I can't find any videos of Hunky Malaysian Bed Session, you guys can use your own imagination, especially with a half-naked twink standing in front of your computer screen and the bed is behind him!!!! --- Hahahaha...Perverts!


William said...

The headless torso is very hawt!

T said...

Great post! Very sexy guys! I think Malaysians are winning in my book, at least so far! But we don't see many Malaysians or Singaporeans here in the U.S., and I am bad at discerning nationalities anyway, without asking! And I feel rude having to ask "Hey, are you Singaporean? Korean? Chinese?" Sometimes I just have no idea.

Anyway, with the guy with the killer abs... you said "Look at the Veins leading all the way down to his ......!!!! Yikes! -- Imagine the amount of blood can be pumped in during the "engorgement" phase?!!! Hehehe" I just wanted to let you know that those veins are actually going upwards into the wall of his stomach around his abs and such, not down into his groin! They're called the Inferior Epigastric Arteries.

Love your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Think the singaporeans won by a slight notch.

Chen Xing said...

Hard to judge cause there's no video.

Tenchunk said...

I like the guy who looks kinda like Wu Chun, do u have any info of him? I wanna feature him in my site, :D

Anonymous said...

Are they plu? hmm....

Willk said...

Well at least Singaporean men know how to dress better than Malaysian. That's another plus point on Singaporean side. Refer back to ur picture regarding 'Malaysian twinks look and dressed..', i can't recall that i dress like that when i'm on that age and i'm disagree with that point. I don't think majority Malaysian men dressed like that way or maybe i had leave Malaysia too long and the way their dress is totally different from last time but i doubt so.

2nd i would like to point out, ain't Ipoh popular with producing pretty girl since when ipoh took that title as well as producing handsome guy? Thought Penang and Sarawak have more handsome guy at Malaysia exclude Selangor and Kuala Lumpur since majority are from outstation.

Marky's Little Devil said...

omggg...why say till like that >.< but then Marky's chest is really something like that...and nice to huggy huggy too <3

Nice ma the chest and now that he's thinner already, you can really feel his abs :) Not that im gonna tell him that :P

Anonymous said...

william is very handsome boy so cute next photo william please show your cock

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