Saturday, July 19, 2008

White Trunks!

Hey Hey... I dunno why, but i have this thingy about asian guys wearing white trunks! Don't u guys agree that asian guys in white trunks look damn sexy on it? Kudos to those swim trunks manufacturers ( which i think they some of the best plu designers on board ) for bringing sexiness to the world of men's swimming trunks! To prove it to u guys, do enjoy some of the pics which i found randomly on the net. Enjoy ya! Muacks!
Ah..Nice tanned body

Nice thighs ! Muacks~!

Whatcha looking at?!

Do u wanna rub some oil on me?

Though tis pic is out of the topic, bt nvrtheless, dun u think he looked sexy?

U like my Rayban @ my Arena trunk?

Nice cute bulge for a cute kiddo!

Damm..There are no lengjais behind me except me...

Self cam-whoring

I totally agree with u! Nice bod! Thumbs up!

Somebody whip my cute butt plz! Yee-ha!

V sign for my sexy V-shape trunk!

Kudos to Henry Lau 4 designing such a sexylicious trunk!

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