Thursday, July 17, 2008

Alec Su You Peng

As u all know, i started this blog in a rush....With limited "tools" and "files" at the moment..i decided to just simply post a few pics of this lengjai taiwanese actor which i think many of us will remember him as the cute "Putera Ke-5" ( haha, i can't understand mandarin well, so i usually depend on subtitles =P ) in the hugely popular taiwanese drama "My Fair Princess" back in the late 90's.
This picture i took it from this website If u like more of it, u can drop by his website which also housed alot of lengjai pics there.

Such a sexy bod isn't it?!Muacks!

So smooth face! I likey! Muacks!

Ahhh....Everything is in the right size, the right
portion at the right place...Cute smooth twinky bod! Muacks!


Ten Chunk said...

I think he is a gay, cuz he still bach over 30yr.

simonlover said...

Ten Chunk: Hahaha...Many of the Asian Superstars are also bachelor wor...Wang Lee Hom still is one..Hehe.That, i wouldn't mind at all!!! Hehehe

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