Monday, March 23, 2009


Recently, out of boredom during office hours, i suddenly thought of my forgotten blogs. After trying to sign in by keying various username accounts & passwords, voila, i managed to hit a bullseye albeit a little late =).

I opened my gmail account and realize i have not logged in since August 2008. Worse still, my blog wasn't updated since July 19, 2008. In my mailbox, there's an anonymous reader by the name of David posted a comment to me saying it's nice to be able to see nice Asian Guy pics and hope that i will continue my blog for everyone to share.

Well, that is why, before i re-incarnate my blog after this, i would like to tell my fellow readers the few main reasons why i stopped my blog for more than 8 months. Namely because :

a) Well, my main reason to start this blog is that i thought i can earn alot from Google Adsense by having a blog with alot of sexy pics. ( Haha, after that i realize i was being naive as there are Terms & Conditions that we need to comply with Adsense ). So, upon realizing that my blog may not earn anything after all the hardwork, i decided not to continue =(.

b) Work commitments and lack of internet after office hours. Well, who doesn't work anyway. But one of my biggest impediment is that i don't have internet in my rented room. ( Yup, i'm working away from Klang Valley ).

c) Procrastination and Laziness....Well, what can "I" or even "WE" say about it?......

d) Lost username, email, password information.. Well, this is one lesson that all of use need to llearn..That is..Do not keep too many accounts.It will make you confused at the end of the

Enough said. I hope by giving a New Life to my blog, it will bring excitement and joy to all my readers out there ( Hopefully there will be some... =P ) and sticking to my Motto,
"The World Of Sexy Men is Meant to be Shared with All The Sexy Guys Out There!"

Muacks from Simon Lover.

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