Thursday, September 20, 2012

Malay HotBod - Mr.Manhunt Singapore 2012 Runner-Up!

Here is something for my Malay fans...I know it's late, but here is the runner-up winner in the recently concluded, Mr.Manhunt Singapore 2012 ... Muhammad Faiz!

A very handsome and sexy Malay guy! Even though he's proud to parade his wonderful body in skimpy red speedos, unfortunately, he's not one of us!!! Why oh why!!!

Enjoy this wonderful Malay specimen ya! Muacks!

Mr.Manhunt Singapore Winner : Jason Chee!

Muhammad Faiz doing the striptease!

Now, if you guys look closely at the above picture ... What do you see - eh? Tsk, tsk, tsk! 

Now, I didn't know Paul Foster has nipple rings on both of his nipples!!! Why straight guys can be so gayish - one?! 

Faiz and his fellow siblings! So open-minded brothers - hor!



Anonymous said...

Love him big!! Simon, can we hv the other malay contestant who also in the competition . Spotted in one of the pics above.

neil said...

they pick a winner

akim said...

yup.. so hot.. never thought of malay boy join contest like this.. wish there were more... =]

William said...

Red trunks are so hot

Anonymous said...

a complete package!

link within

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