Monday, September 10, 2012

Top 5 Gay Apps on Smartphones 2012 !

Early of the year, did a survey among its' readers, to pick the Top 5 Gay Apps on Smartphones.

There are dozens of gay apps available in the market. Most of it are used to find guys in your own or other geographic areas. Some are explicit and some are not. The ones that I'm listing here doesn't allow nude pictures on their profiles. Hence, it is more commonly known as iTunes / Android apps. Unlike those in the so called "Web Apps" ( I shall make a future post on it ) , which include Dudesnude, Adam4Adam & Manhunt. where we can put nude, explicit pictures of our own without worrying being blocked by the app's admin.

I think most of us Asians, owned at least a Grindr or Jack'd, once in their lifetime before .... Those apps are handy to see who is near. But in the end, do most of us hook up a lot by using apps? Yes, occasionally we do get a barrage of winks, smiles and hi(s), but often it turns out, we simply exchange useful information about friendships, life, sights, places of gay interests. Or is it, just my opinion? Perhaps some of you often go further than those formality "Hi(s) and Bye(s)" - eh? However, by the end of the day, hook ups still depend on -- location, looks, attraction and timing. Agree, Boys? !

Without further a do, here are the Top 5 Gay Apps for Smartphones!!

#5 : BoyAhoy )

BoyAhoy adds app features like private pics, filters, a buzz that allows members to see what's going on around them and the ability to send virtual gifts. BoyAhoy is free for basic use, with a premium for plus.

#4:  Planet Romeo )

PlanetRomeo shares many of the features of the other gay geosocial apps, with unlimited messaging and visitor views, but come at a cost. $4.99 to be exact. Users can register and use their full online site and mobile browser for free.

#3: Grindr )

In 2009, geosocial app Grindr revolutionized the way gay men meet by starting a trend in location-based dating. Profile lists refresh based on current user location, with the closest at the top. Members can chat with and favorite members. Profile editing is also quick and simple.

#2: Scruff )

Replace the Boy Next Door with the guy on the rugby field or the man not afraid to get dirty and you have Scruff. Scruff adds additional functionality by allowing daters to "woof" other members they're interested in.

#1: Jack'D )

Jack'd is free to use and allows members to upload 3 public pics and 2 private pics. A big plus. Jack'd doesn't allow nude pics, but gives unlimited message exchanges, scene selection and profile filtering.

I think most of us like Jack'D the most!  Why? Well, with these kinda hot Asian Guys, easily found on its' site, it's really hard to, not voting it as the Number One Gay App, rite?!!


nicky05 said...

i tired most of the listed here and beyond. hahaha

DarkSunny said...

There is also Recon, for those into kinky or BDSM. Very popular in Singapore, UK and Australia.

Le Chatelier said...

And thanks to u. I just installed it. Haha. I guess I will be having fun with it. Haha

simonlover said...

@Nicky:Hahaha..Which one I did not list here but u have tried before - jek?

@Le Chatelier: Wish you all the fun ya!

@Dark Sunny:Haha..When I try register for Recon, it says that my email has already been used. Hahaha..I forgot that I was a member of Recon!!!

Anonymous said...

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