Saturday, June 25, 2011


I have not been sourcing and updating my picture collections for a long, long time already. When I look back at all my collections, most of them are already 3-4years old...Hence, I'm not sure whether these hunks below are still hunky in their own ways or they have become hunkier or instead, they've grown up into a flabby uncle?!!!

And I feel embarrassed each time when my readers say that my picture collections still amaze them after all these years...Though if you are my ardent picture collector, you can realize that most of the pictures that I post up are rarely repeated ( minus a few regulars like Jake Ng, Sk Low, Singaporean Hunks...Hahaha ) because I always try to make an effort by not posting the same pictures twice and must be different from others [ Hahahahaha .....However, there are 3 pictures below, which I think I have posted before..Anyone of you can guess which one? ] ---- But then again, I can never fulfill my own or even people's expectations, right?!!

Anyway....Please enjoy the "Men In Black" - PArt 2 series ya! Muacks Muacks.....

( p/s: Yesterday I got cruised by a cute twink at Sunway Pyramid! --- Hahahaha....I don't know why I like super cute bottoms padahal I'm one of them pun  and we'll never ever gonna achieve any anal satisfactions also! Am I weird?!!!! ) 

Sexy Singaporean Herwin Yip...Pic circa 2008

Sexy American Chinese, Ronnie Woo..pic circa 2008

Sexy Vietnamese Model, Cao Lam Vien, pic circa 2010

An anonymous sexy butt!!!

Sexy Taiwanese Male Model, pic circa 2008

Sexy Chinese voyeur....I'm sure many of you have seen his naked pictures before as well..

Sexy Hongkie guy lying down for tan-tan!

Sexy Brazilian Model, Edilson Nascimento!

Sexy Brazilian, Edilson Nascimento!

Sexy SIngaporean Cock Bulge!! Can anyone of you identify which swimming pool is this?!

Sexy Hongkie Pubic Hair...A super ThunderBottom, so he claims.....? Anyone of you tried before?!

Sexy Singaporean Hunk Ab's!

Sexy Selangor Water Polo Team Players, 2010...So, which twink that caught your attention eh?!

Sexy Selangor Water Polo Team Members' Butt!

And last but not least, Sexy Singaporean Dragon Boaters' Legs!!! Now..which sexy legs that you want to feel most when you are spreading their legs during....ahem, ahem?


William said...

Time for you to stalk SUKMA

hunkinside said...

the swimming pool is serangoon swimming pool...

Klex said...

3rd twink from the right!! :p

link within

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