Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hot Vietnamese Hunk - Tran Hung!

Well, his name says it all, well-Hung indeed!!! Hahaha ....Introducing this cute looking Vietnamese guy by the name of Tran "Hung"! --- You can see his tremendous transformation from a cute, innocent looking twink into what he is now, a super-vietnamese stud in 2011!

The innocent looking, Tran Hung...way back in 2008...

Before he starts going to the gym, circa 2009... 

You can still see his flat chest, growing slowly....

Moving to 2010...He's body has bulked up a lil'! 

Haha..This picture made me reminisce my wonderful Hanoi/Sapa/Halong Bay trip way back in 2009....Really missed Vietnam though..... Vietnam Coffee, the cute younger brother of my hotel's landlady, Street Food...But how come I go I didn't see any lengchai Vietnamese in Hanoi?!!! 

Jeng, Jeng, Jeng --- The "Tran Hung" of 2011!!! 
Isn't he "Hung" enough to be your man?!!! 

No, do you guys think that having a tattoo at your pelvic area is SEXY?!!!

Hmm..And I don't know I'm man enough to endure the pain of tattooing....Yikes!

Who says Vietnam Boys are not HOT?!!!!

He put his own nickname as "HungRacing"

Can anyone guess why I like this picture?!!!

Looking very sexy in Tight Tees and Low Waist Jeans!

Finally I found one super low-waist skinny fit jeans which can really show off my pubes if I don't wear any underwear!!! Problem is...I'm getting THINNER! Sigh!!! The size 29 Padini Authenthic Jeans are too loose for me - jor!!!!! Helppppp!!!!

The epitome of Vietnamese Beauty!!!
Welcome to Vietnam! Muacks!

( Hmmm....I remember I used to have a few loyal readers from Vietnam - one...But maybe due to the long absence of not featuring more of Viet Boys cost them to move on - jor! Yikes! )


Favourite Position said...

its your fav pic cos its ur fav position to be fxxgered and fxxked?

Viet said...

i'm vietnamese and I've been quite a loyal reader to your blog even though I'm not the one you mentioned, lah. (I usually comment with different names) So don't worry, there's always at least a vietnamese reader here. Btw, thanks for promoting Vietnamese beauty in your blog. I wish I had known you earlier when you visited Vietnam so I could show you guys around Hanoi and you could show me around KL (I've been to KL, Perak and Sabah) As for this blog, this is so cool and funny, seems like you can stalk all hot asian boys for years!!! I saw his profile on gayromeo, but some pics of him i have never seen before. Great stalking skills, haha. Keep up the good work, simon. Mwoah!

Viet said...

by the way, do you think this is him on cam?

I sent hungracing this link via gayromeo but he said his body was way hotter than this, so this was definitely someone else. Who knows, right?

Jaded Jeremy said...

Padini doesn't have size 28 meh? I managed to get a pair of Seed pants size 28. Without items in my pocket, seems ok but with them, it's like a little loose :P

SK said...

Like Korea and Japan, ancient Vietnam was strongly influenced by Chinese culture; and like Korean names, Vietnamese names are actually based on Chinese characters (but with Sino-Vietnamese pronunciation). I think "Tran Hung" if written in Chinese characters, should be 陳雄.

William said...

I want his waist!

link within

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