Wednesday, December 21, 2011


A thousand apologies to my fellow readers for not updating my blog in ages as well as articles less than 100 words!!! While everyone is busy clearing their annual leaves / school holidays, the month of December is proving to be one helluva tiring month for me! Reasons:

a) I've been forced to accept my new position in my current company as a manager, without any salary increment / perks! -- Worst still, I need to work more days on weekends, take less leave, work longer hours and do all the paperworks!!! -- @#$%$^%^*!

b) The Horny BF is currently trying to cope with his new job in a new company as a, well...Manager again....!!! So, need to accompany him and give him moral support always! Sigh, when we think back, the higher position you are holding, it gets more stressful instead! --- Sometimes, we just wished we can go back to our "ya-ya-hoo", "blur-blur", "don't worry, be happy" position instead, where we can always go ... "Erm, I dunno - lar....This one you need to ask the manager - ler...!!!"

c) I'm actually changing jobs in 2 months time as well....Hence, I had to save my annual / replacement leaves for next year's departure. That's why, for this two months, it's only work, work, work for me...Sigh! --- Now, I have to worry about finding a new place to stay some more!!! --- Headache, headache, headache --- Anyone mind to rent out their "Pyramid Giza" abodes to me? You can see Simon Lover, naked in the living room - oh!!!! Tsk, tsk, tsk .... Haha. Just joking, okay!

d) Short detours --- Aiyoyo ---- When we reached a certain "age", we need to prepare ourselves for unforeseen onslaught of surprise enemy attacks!! Though this year is not as bad as last year, where I had 8 "Red" atomic bombs released on my kuku-bird!!!! -- This month alone, I had detonated two bombs at somewhere far-far-away from Klang Valley & one more is coming up on Christmas Eve!  -- Very unfair to us gays, where we'll never get the chance to give people our atomic bombs, right?!!!!! -- That's why, unless they are my close friends, I'll give better angpows...If not so close, I give them the minimum amount - nia!!! -- Agree with me or not?!

p/s: Referring to Pluboy's blog:

I managed to stop by at the same swimming pool, where that horny PluBoy of ours LURRRVES to cruise when he's back in his "Ya-Ya-Hoo"-Land....

a)  Ahhh....The Guy in the tight, RED ARENA swim trunk! -- I'm not sure whether he's the same guy which PLUBoy had fun with since he doesn't have a moustache,  but he has a hot body indeed! Unfortunately, he "came" in while I'm just about to leave the pool -- KHEK SEI!!!!!

b) One super hot hunk with a swimmer BOD, in tight ARENA Jammers!!! --- Sex-ay!!! Had eye contacts..He even stared at me as while I was walking past him,  heading to the showers -- I was expecting him to tail me - one... Manatau ..... Guess I need to work my ass out, more!!!! -- or is it because, Horny BF as withe me as well?!! Tsk, tsk, tsk....

c) Yes...There was one Indian Guy in the showers as well! Shaved head, in his trunks, but jerking at the urinals...Signalling me to .... slurp, slurp him .....! Hahaha..Which again, I'm not sure if he's the same Indian Guy mentioned in Pluboy's sexual encounter post!

d) I was sexually harrassed by a middle aged chinese man! -- You know me lar..I like to strut around in the showers, and if there are not many people around, I'll go "all the way" one.... But that day, there were so many people in the showers,so I kept my trunk on and sat on the bench while waiting for the Horny BF to finish his shower....Before that, I already noticed a middle aged man was stalking me. So, while I was busy replying an SMS, suddenly I look at my side, the middle-aged man was standing near me & "talking" on the phone!!! -- Of course he thinks I'm stupid meh --- I also use this kind of tactic to snap handsome guys on the streets on my camera phone - lar!!! ---- Immediately, I got up and move into the dry changing room, with his camera phone in hot pursuit! -- Then, the Horny BF came out, wrapped only in towels...Instantly that hamsap-lou changed focus and shift his camera phone towards Horny BF's body!! --- So daring that Hamsap-Lou, especially with so many fathers/kids/teenagers in the shower room - tim!!!! In the end...I guessed Simon Lover was caught on camera with his pants down while Horny BF's back became sexier than Justin Timberlake's on that fateful morning.....Hahahaha .... Well, at least it made that Hamsap Bugger happy .....What to do?!

Anyway, please enjoy some of these NIKON DSLR Boys -- though not all of them are using NIKON ..... Muacks from Simon!

Well, sometimes a simple camera phone is just enough to do wonders that not only a DSLR camera can do!!!  -- Agree - bor? 
( a sexy 23 year old Singaporean Chinese, Versatile ) 


Anonymous said...

I need to work more days on weekends, take less leave, work longer hours and do all the paperworks!!!

And there I was, thinking slavery had been abolished. - Ian

Anonymous said...

Just change job as fast as possible.
Promotion & longer hours without a pay increase is not acceptable.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm the last guy... You sure he is Singaporean?

Takashi said...

yes.. both the red trunk and indian guy are......

link within

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