Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mr.Manhunt Singapore 2011 - #16 Alex Lex

DOB: 26 March 1990

Education: Bukit Batok, Secondary School; Singapore Polytechnic

Alex Ng
Age: 20 years old
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 69 kg
Hobbies/ Interests: Swimming; working out in the gym; trying out new sports

Alex has tirelessly prepared for Manhunt for the last 2 years, since he first witnessed his friends taking part in the 2009 competition.

This year he finally takes the plunge, with a physique that puts us mere mortals to shame.

Contestant Number 16: Alex Lex ( Ng )!

 It seems that Alex is one of the hot favourite among people like us!!!

 Flashing his pearly smile, with a touch of dimple....!

Currently, Alex is leading in most of the popularity polls!

Swimwear Photoshoot

 I tell you...This is one of the most HORRENDOUS Swimtrunk ever to be paraded in Manhunt Singapore!!!! --Urghhhh! -- Where is the AQUX?!

 Unfortunately, height is not in his side..

Barenaked guys... 

 With fellow Contestant #15, Yip Jian Wei

On a good side, ALex loves to eat...!!! 

And he likes the beach as well...Well, most Singaporean guys do...!

Unfortunately, for people like us...ALex is already attached!

Back to the future...This is how Alex looks like way back in 2010.....!


William said...

Yes, those zebra trunks are horrendous.

Anonymous said...

Only a straight guy would be seen dead in them. - Ian

Anonymous said...

his before photo looks so different.

this guy is only 20, sure grow up to be a delicious hunk!

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