Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Fingers" Up at Fitness First!

Now..Ever wished to have a bodylicious body like this Chinese hunk below? 

Hmmm...Is he "CUT"?!

Well, it's been 8 months since I've joined Fitness First...But due to my erratic working hours, I'm only able to visit the gym..At least twcie a week only...

But lately, I have been hitting Body Pump classes into a more serious mode.

My favourite instructors are, Sue ( the magnificent Caucasian Lady with the pointiest nipples of all instructors! ), Brian L ( Yes, I know...From afar he looks cute and "young" ok, especially when he smiles and sings most of the time during classes! ), Clevin ( The youngest and cutest instructor with the honour of having a rich, Caucasian Sugar Daddy by his side!! -- Ish! ) and of course, Swee herself ( The Malaysian Xena who is pretty yet put many Malaysian Boys to shame with the weighs she uses during classes!! )

Now..How come I don't get to see sexy hunks in my sauna - one?!

And why wouldn't Malaysia's Fitness First have open-concept showers?!!! 

Sigh!-- In Hong Kong, their cublicle walls are so much more semi-transparent where you can even see the outline of their cocks from the wall and the towel/clothese must be hanged outside...So, you can see guys stripping to their skin before hitting the showers!!! Hmmm!!

( Sorry for the rushed article, I'm going off to work now...Yup..On A SUnday! Sigh! )


Double V said...

i have done a few dick examination this few days.... this guy remind me of that patient...i rub until his tool turn hard!!!

thompsonboy said...

Clevin..seriously???.what kind of name is that? ...but what happened to good old proper spelling not trying to be too hard kinda names? sorry I digress

Anonymous said...

The pics looks like a guy from fitness first. Where do you get the pics?? Hope can provide me more info of the guy...:))

link within

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