Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hong Kong Boys ....Here I CUMMMMMM!!!

It's now 11.10am and I need to get up at 1.30am to take a taxi ride at 2.30am to LCCT for my 7.00am Hong Kong flight! Yikes! You see how dedicated I am in entertaining you guys with a feastful pictures of sexy and hunky Hongkie guys?!!!

Well...Wish me luck & hopefully I'll enjoy my 9 Days Hong Kong/ Macau trip ya! Muacks Muacks!....

Will I get laid by this hunky Hongkie?!!

Or have a feel of this hunky washboard abs Hongkie?!

Or take photos with this kinda hunky Hongkie?!

This kinda twunk suits Horny BF the most!

Hunter, Double, Action, Alexander, QQ Fitness...Hahahaha..Does the names sound familiar?! Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Now, this is what the Horny BF is looking forward to!!! Kheksei!

Horny Bottoms waiting for Horny BF perhaps?!

Tanning at Middle Bay Beach, Repulse Bay...!

Hope I'll make the right decision! Sigh, if just i have enough weekends to explore as I'm going to da beach during weekdays!

Hopefully I'm daring enough to snap more close-up pictures of guys tanning ..just to please the Strictly Horny Calvin's addiction of collection real-life halk-naked guys! Hehehehe

I was actually scouting for this kinda bamboo mat for the past few days...Bt then again, I find it too heavy to carry into my luggage...Hopefully I can share it with some "willing" Hongkie...hahaa

And the fantasy of looking and having fun with Hongkie guys showering? Ahem, ahem!

Last but not least, hoepfully the trip to any of those QQ Fitness or even Sheraton's Fitness First will provide me some interesting Hongkie crown jewels!

SO, anyone game for some Hongkie Boys?!

Muacks and till then, please PLAY SAFE ya!


Anonymous said...

why 7am flight u need to leave home at 2.30am??

Anonymous said...
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Mike said...

have fun, just take it easy, don't try to hard to take pics of hot guys, lah :P

Anonymous said...

Enjoy you guys HK trip and a lot of nice pictures too.

Rob H said...

Have a great time in HK! We'll all expect all the dirty, sordid details when you get back ;-)

Anonymous said...

hi there! love reading your blog :) btw where did you get the picture of the last two boys(the pair in red and blue)? they're so cute!!

luvktv said...

wow, i'm amazed by how many pictures u have on ur blog!

keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Nangandoy! Mura kag ma'y'g nawng dah. Maot nimo.

link within

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