Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On Hiatus Once Again -- The Attack Of The Virus Tomatoes!!!

It looks like Simon Lover had no choice but to go on a long hiatus once again!!! -- The reason?

My Laptop got infected with some kind of a virus / worm?!!! -- WTF?!!!! ---- Really damn suey, after 3 years of using my laptop!!! Now...I DID NOT get infected from surfing gay porns or gay-sex related websites...Instead, I suspected I caught the virus when I was surfing "MALAYSIANBABES" Forum!!!! -- Yeap, you heard it right, --- MalaysianBabes.net --- SimonLover surf NAKED BITCHES!!!!!! --- OMG?!!! -- It's high time for ERIC PLUBOY and PAUL J to cut off their KukuBird - jor.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hahahaha......Putting nonsense aside...It's actually a forum for Malaysian Girls to talk about anything, the equivalent for Malaysia's LowYat.net...And I was searching and reading about SERESIS and other antioxidant/supplements used to achieve eternal youth! Yeah...And for that, the MalaysianBabes detected so twunky, slutty gay boy is surfing their website and decided to punish him!!!!

So, now i'm using my "guest account" on my PC, which has ZERO pornographic materials...while awaiting for me to treat my SimonLover account. Countermeasure taken ....Bought a portable external HDD on Monday...Will move all my "collections" to the external HDD.....Find someone to help re-format my PC..But before re-formatting it, I need to repair my CD/DVD Drive first....Seriously, DELL laptops sucks!!! My internal modem spoilt just a few days after my warranty expires, then my CD/DVD drive spoilt a few months later...My old Dell Laptop is even worse! _ The whole monitor came off from the motherboard! It's still functioning..But it's barely held on together by a small string of wire only...Pathetic Dell right?! 

Please give me some time to overhaul and organize my laptop back. I have so many HONG KONG BOYS and stories to share with you guys, which unfortunately, have to take a backseat at the moment --- and anyone mind offering to help repair SIMON LOVER'S laptop?!!! Here's a good chance for you guys to find lotsa pictures and videos of a-la Edison Chen misfits!!!!! Yikes!!! 

Do drop me a message ya!! Muacks Muacks!


Paul Figaro J said...

why do i need to cut my kuku bird?!! >.<

Ten Chunk said...

ha, after all gay is not virus. HK boys and stories, really?

Jaded Jeremy said...

Get a good anti-virus software lah.

SZ said...

repairing laptop is the scariest thing ever for me!

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