Friday, July 24, 2009

Malaysia's Top 50 PLU Blogs -- Top 31-40

Hey Hey..So, continuing my Malaysia's Top 50 PLU blogs....Hahahaha.....The ever sexy & deadly Froggie mentioned to me that some of the blogger that is and goin' to be in my list is actually not GAY...!!! Oops!!!...And i had already created the list...Hahahaha...So how?!! Nevermind lor...We just assume them as blogs that have Queer following lor.Maybe the next edition i'll omit them...When we think back, how come straight people read gay blogs hor. Dun they feel "geli" reading our PLU lifestyle? Haha...( Which i think it should be a good thing!...It's nice too see straights & gays can live together as 1 peaceful community...Haha...Am i putting to much hope on it? Hmmm....... )

31) I Express Not Impress : Kenny Japheth SC ( ) -- lengjai blogger

32) 黑色空间 ( ) -- a very noble, decent guy =)

33) Gay Boy Living In The City Of KL ( ) -- love his sexcapades =P

34) A Frog's Point Of View ( ) -- the sexy froggie -- that's is why, alexa's ranking might be a bit biased lor -- hahaha -- this should be higher! =P

35) Queer Rant ( ) --- same goes to the sexy ranter! -- have a good international following bt fared poorer in Malaysia =(

36) Braving KL ( ) -- good mapping of PLU places in KL

37) Welcome To The World Of Simon Lover! ( ) -- haik! blogwhore me!

38) Vanity Reloaded ( ) -- sexy vain stud whose into Christiano Ronaldo! =P

39) The Reformed Pervert Chronicles ( )

40) My Story, My Life ( )

MUACKS FROM SIMON! ( again -- if i missed out any blogs, just inform me and i'll look into it...)


William said...

And I thought you would not be part of the results to appear "neutral". :P

simonlover said...

Haha...I didn't know that would make it in the list also ma..So ma just "shun pien" lor... =)

Kenny Japheth S.C. said...

wth..such list exists?? wei...

Queen B said...

i think you got my website wrong!

i gossip n bitch abt other bloggers and in between there's hunky photos~ XOXO

simonlover said...

Kenny: are cool.. =)

Queen B: Oops! So sorry..U want me to remove the www from the list? Cheers k!

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