Sunday, April 8, 2012

Handsome Malay Model - Hafez Fauzy!

Name: Hafez Fauzy
DOB: 20 July 1990
Education: SMK USJ 4 ( 2007 ), Taylor's University College
Part-Time Model

We need more Malay Models like Hafez!!! 

With fellow Top Malaysian Male Models

Working hard for the Body! 

Unfortunately ... Hafez is not "One Of Us" -- He has a super pretty model girlfriend! Shucks! 

Nevertheless, here's another treat for you guys ....

Melayu Boleh! Muacks! 
I always like watching Malay Guys...They have such a fit body even though they don't exercise / gym much .. Probably in their genes - kot! 

Sama-sama kita nikmati, hadiah dari Tuhan, lelaki Melayu yang berani kerana seksi! 


rotiboy said...

woot so hawt!

Tor said...

Eh simon i was looking forward to your reply ~ Can you look for the Thai singer pictures? his Bie The Star/Sukrit Wisetkaew :D please thanks

Anonymous said...

blh request? dgr ryzal jaafar ada pic bogel, tp cari tak jumpa.. kalau simon blh carikan, TQ SO MUCH!!!

Anonymous said...

his mouth and lips not so nice! not outstanding enough

the penile poet said...

Need more exotic meat like these

link within

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