Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year - 新年快樂 Part 1!

With the Lunar New Year coming soon, I guessed it's time for me to dedicate a few posts on Chinese New Year Hunks in Red! -- 

Though I know, Chinese New Year is usually one of the most dreadful celebration for all gays in terms of mental torture [ Yes, the usual suspects of aunties & uncles will go --  "You are already fucking 35 years old, and still don't have girlfriend yet?!" ], but everyone will always like the Chinese New Year mood, no matter how old you are!

This year I'll be wearing a Red T-Shirt, after years of not wearing one - d. Yellow always seem to be my favourite colour. Initially, I nearly bought a yellow T-Shirt - one, but that particular branch don't have the size I wanted for Red Colour, which I wanna try first. So, I thought I might as well go to my workplace the next day and see whether they have or not..."Mana tau" -- There, they have Size S for Red but no Size S for Yellow! Very the "khek-sei"! -- If not, I would have bought both...That's how I ended up with one Red Tee for the new year...Hahaha...Yup, I'm not that extravagant like some of you guys, this year! I'm sure many had bought loads of new clothes - and UNDERWEARS! -- This year I'll be re-cycling one of my red undies - nia!

So, guys, Especially For You,
A Cute Boy to usher everyone into the Year of Dragon 2012! 




Now...Talking about Cute Boys.. I'm sure some of you remembered "Sticky" from Horny BF's sojourn to Market Place a few weeks back..... 

Everytime when Horny BF is on the dancefloor, he'll always go the Ga-Ga telephone way"
"I left my head & my heart on the dancefloor"!

Since he's so in trance -- I decided to let him danced with a cute boy on the dancefloor....Yes, the boy is just as cute as the boy above! 

And after locking lips for a full 10 mins on the corner of the dancefloor, Sticky asked Horny BF

"Ni Shi Bu Shi - Playboy? " 是 - Playboy?"
[ Are you a Playboy? ]

Since Horny BF's Mandarin is not so good, he asked Sticky to say it in Cantonese instead:

"Nei hai mm hai - Playboy?"

And the Horny BF replied, in Cantonese  

[ This is where you guys can come in and guess what the Horny BF replied - okay?! ]

p/s --- Tsk, tsk, tsk --- It's just a lil' fun, okay Horny BF, dun get angry! Muacks, Muacks ---

Enjoy the Boys In Red!

If a guy wore like that, do you think he's gay lou or not?

Singapore Boys.......The Sexy Devils....

Anyway, ever since Astro came into my house, I've rarely watched National TV again ( TV2, TV3,NTV7, 8TV -- and I'm sure many of you guys too! ) --- But, these channels are the ones that will show some of the most memorable Chinese New Year commercials ever ... Do you see Astro airing some good CNY ads? No, right? Pathetic - eh...

So, this is one of the most touching CNY ads by Petronas, directed by the late Yasmin Ahmad, a few years back. I think many of you guys can remember this ad! 


Ten Chunk said...

Hi Simon, wish you have more brio in Chinese Dragon Year in work, in life and even in bed as a grindsman. XD

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a year filled with joy, success and fortune. Gong Xi Fa Cai & Happy New Year.

Naughty Prince said...

Happy Chinese New Year...
God bless u and ur family...

bluerunner said...

To all Simon Lover's fans:
Happy Lunar New Year :)

Anonymous said...

since most ppl aren't responsive to ur question, i guess Horny Bf reply is
" I'm not a playboy. But i do like to play with boys like u?" ....haha

Anonymous said...

This is what you call cute?

link within

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