Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ikuta Toma - Naked in ANAN Magazine!

Haha...I'm not really sure who is Ikuta Toma ( I only stalk Takuya Kimura! -- How I wish Takuya will do this kinda photoshoots more often and more revealing instead of his previous ones which are considered mild in today's standard! ) --- But Ikuta Toma is a cute and upcoming Japanese actor and singer from the famed Johnny's Juniors member group.

"After his breakthrough role two years ago in the drama Hana Kimi, Johnny’s member Ikuta Toma has been quickly moving up the ranks. Not only has he tried his hands at filming movies this year, he even did a photo shoot for lifestyle magazine an an.The semi-nude shoot is titled The Complete Sex Manual. Currently 25 years old, Ikuta had been working out at the gym since last summer to build up his physique. In order to complement the theme, he will be delving into discussions on his own outlook of sex."
Ikuta Toma  生田 斗真

Born: 7 October 1984

AnAn's The Complete Sex Manual Issue, 1705, April 14,2010

I want to have a smooth and shiny butt like his!!!

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William said...

Smooth & Shiny? Photoshop it.

link within

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