Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nadam Spa - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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Nadam Spa. Saigon.

"One of Asia's Top Five Gay Men's complexes and by far the best in Vietnam" 

"The Vietnamese crowd is mostly young, fit professionals and are unbelievable friendly - nearly everyone will return your smile and most are happy to learn more about you, even if you're not each other's type.


Sounds so tempting, right? Makes you really feel that Nadam Spa is a place you would not want to miss when you're in Saigon!

"Reluctantly", me, Horny BF and our friends decided to pay a visit to Nadam Spa on one faithful Saturday evening ...

These are the kind of Hot Vietnamese Guys where you'll find in Nadam Spa...Seriously!

The place was very clean indeed. The locker room is big and comfortable enough for you to change your attire. The hot and wet sauna was kinda small, though the temperatures were really meant to make you enjoy the sauna instead of the hotties inside!

The jacuzzi can fit about 10 person. But it was also one of the better cruising place. There was one super fit, well-toned swimmer hunk who doesn't mind to be touched and caressed by my friend [ Hahaha .. My friend was really happy indeed! Let's just say that if he's in Malaysia, the boys will not treat him that way ...unless they know that he's a rich sugar daddy! Very superficial Malaysian Gays, right?! ]

Open shower concept. Nice.... There's  a small garden with swings for you to chit chat and hang around. Small bars to order drinks.

The Dark Room is actually one big square room, with single mattresses laid on the floor, separated by semi transparent curtains ... Very not condusive at all. Imagine having sex with everyone looking at you and hearing your moans? Hahaha .. No privacy at all. That's why we didn;t manage to see any sex activities going on too... Perhaps Vietnamese people are very shy.

They also do provide massage services. Honestly speaking, their choices of masseurs really, really, really put Thai Boys to shame!!! Hahahaha ... Super cute, super twinky, super twunky, super manly..You name it, they'll have it! Very difficult to choose especially with them in tight singlets and super shorts...

But then again, once you're in the room, you should expect some hanky panky halfway through instead of the massage [ Which is not really a good thing for me..Hahaha..Unless if you really want to ush-ush with them - lar! ]

Lastly, the crowd. True to Utopia's comment, the Vietnamese crowd is definitely one of the best I've ever seen....On the streets, it's very DIFFICULT for you to spot a LENGCHAI at all! Perhaps due to their big population ... But Nadam Spa, well, let's just leave it to the pictures below to support my stance instead ...!

Yes, you can only find these kinda hunks at gay areas in Saigon...Not on the streets! 

And this cutie below was the one I was actually eyeing on...Hahahahaha ... Super Gorgeous right?!!

Verdict: Please go early and enjoy the Viet Boys..They can be charming. But the only drawback is their poor English. As far as I know, they only study about 3 years of English.

Surprisingly, most of the crowd are less than 30 years and below. I wonder where are the more mature ones go to. Because it's always better to have a combination of both ma..You know, being a power bottom you really need older power tops as well ma...Hahaha!

Their website is currently down. Here's a screenshot of the address which I managed to take. It's actually quite far from where we stay, which is District 1, the main tourist area, and taxi costs us 150,000VND [ 7000VND = RM1 ]. And it's also very difficult for us to flag a taxi back because it's located next to the highway..So we had to walk a distance before getting one.

Entrance fee: 135,000VND = RM19.30
1 Hour Massage : 95,000VND = RM13.50
Minimum Tip: 200,000 VND = RM28.50 [ But I only gave 100,000VND because it was not sex-citing enough ].

7000VND = RM1
RM3.15 = USD1


Anonymous said...

they're really hot but sadly the hottest of them, "Ly Nguyen", is actually Taeyang from Big Bang, so no chance in meeting this babe in Ho Chi Minh lol

Anonymous said...

Think I paid that entry fee, but the massage price must have been about double. Maybe I got the "westerner price".
I really liked the place, mut the massage was a let down and the naughty part amounted to a very quick rough tug.

[Don't like these Captcha codes]

Happy Sweet Asian said...

OMG...they are so good looking...drooling.

Are there any boys show, just like in Bangkok?

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Many Thanks

Takashi said...

Won't go Vietnam lol

link within

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