Friday, March 2, 2012

Cute & Hunky Singaporean Boys!

Anyone of you has not seen how a typical Singaporean Boy looks like? Well, here are some photos that can be used as a reference to you guys! All Singaporean Boys have to undergo 2-years compulsory National Service ( Military Training ). So, you can roughly differentiate which boys are above 21 years old and which are still in high schools by looking at their built! =P [ Unlike me, sometimes I feel so embarrassed when people asked me what "Form" am I in!! -- Padahal I'm older than PLUBOY! ]

A typical gay / straight boys are into:
a) Gym - Singaporean Guys are crazy about gymming ....
b) Swimming & Tanning -- Seriously, you dun even think about giving eye contact to a hunky boy tanning next to you in a skimpy red swim trunk! - He might be straight, ya'know!!!
c) Dragon Boating / Exercise / Outdoor Activities
d) Gadgets / Games - Minimum a Blackberry / iPhone / Samsung Galaxy -- Anything else, you're a cheap Singaporean Boy!
e) Being a Metrosexual - Be it straight or gay -- Singaporean Boys lurve to shop! The tighter the Tee Shirt are, as well as the shorter / skimpier the shorts are or any beach loafers -- They'll definitely buy! -- That's why it's very easy to spot Singaporean Boys in Malaysia's Shopping Malls -- well built, dark tan, smooth & shiny complexion, tight Tees, above knee-length shorts and beach loafers ... A-Ha! -- He must be a Singaporean! Talking about "cliche" right?! Hahaha
f) Vainpot - Yes!!!! Singaporean Boys are very concern about the facial complexion! Seriously!! They are expert in it! - You ask them how to take care the face --- The Kiehl Boys also "kalah" !!!!

Anyway....Here a nonsensical post from Simon again. Busy as usual ... If anyone of you wants to buy Collagen Drink For Men, please contact me ya! On top of that, I'll give "special" discount too ....Muahaha!

Dragon Boaters..

Tan-Obsessed Boy! 

The Tight Tee Boy!

The Super Short Shorts Boy!

The Singaporean Boys stereotype! - Nice! 

The Gymmer Boy! 

Yes, I love Raffles Place because of the Hunky Singaporean Guys in Tight-Fitting Work Clothes!

The Twinky Singaporean! 

The Fashionable Singaporean Diva!

The Casual Singaporean! 

The Sauna Boy! -- Yup, Welcome To The World Of Singapore's Sauna!

The Happy Go Lucky Singaporean Boys!

The Sentosa Beach Boy! 

And the Gay Book HairCut! Yup! I like this hairstyle!
So, what are you guys waiting for?!!! Go get a new Gay Boy Haircut, now!!! 


Anonymous said...

They are also very competitive and prideful I might say (in both good and bad ways)

Anonymous said...

... and they do not have nice faces

Anonymous said...

Confidence = prideful
Jealousy = do not have nice faces
IMHO many of the pics are just avg guys lah, there are many better ones not showcased yet. =)

William said...

The Diva has such a Korean face. Sepetz. But the face so smooth... Nice.

thompsonboy said...

what is a beach loafers? Espadrille?

Tsk tsk at the bitchy comments. Give credit when its due. They take care of themselves and dresses well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, really liked it!!

Anonymous said...

On the 1st pic on top, the guy on the left is Jonathan Phay. He has a profile on Trevvy under the name eNtRaPed.

Anonymous said...

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Toejambiker at g mail dot com
I love Asian guys

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