Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bootilicious Bums In Tight Undies!

Everyone always says that tight underwear is not good for guys. But, judging from the pictures below, don't you guys think that those with round, perky and firm butts, accentuated with a tight underwear, creates a wonderful sight to behold?!!!

I'm sure that this position is among the most popular gay sex position for you guys, RIGHT?!!!!
Don't lie, buggers! =)



Anonymous said...

OMG!!! they're so yummy.. wanna bring them home! ^.^

William said...

I was expecting you to post a pic of your bubble butt!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. Wish I could reach Chinese & browse that Weibo site.
Please keep posting these photos.


hakimi2010 said...

best best best :-)
i went to best best :-)

Ryan Lau said...

Love the guy in jockstraps...