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Upcoming Event - Mr,Tantric 2010 Singapore!

Whoa..How i wish i'm in Singapore at the moment. ( as well as :  How nice if Malaysia has more of these kinda events for People Like Us?" )....This weekend there will be two major events for GAYS in Singapore which is the MR.MANHUNT SINGAPORE 2010 Finals ( 5th June 2010 - The Heeren 4pm ) and MR.TANTRIC SINGAPORE 2010 ( 6th June 2010 - Zirca Bar, 9.00 pm )

  The poster is courtesy from the Singaporean Graphic Designer himself. Impressed with his work? Want to enquire further details of his work or opportunities for him to help create a design for you?? Do email me for his contact number ya.

Details of the event at

When: 6 Jun 2010, Sunday
Time: 9pm till late
Where: Zirca (Block 3C The Cannery, River Valley Road, #01-02 to 05, Clarke Quay)
Mega Showtime: 10pm (Doors open at 9pm)
Music by: DJ George Leong
Specials: Doorgifts for 1st 200 earlybirds

This Superstar Sunday, Zirca is proud to host the sizzling hot Mister Tantric 2010 contestants as they face-off at Singapore's hottest Sunday party for the title of Mister Tantric 2010!

For this special night only, doors open from 9pm as the pageant cum show extravaganza begins from 10pm! Following which Superstar Sunday rocks on with music by the King of Sunday, DJ George Leong!

- $25+ per jug all housepour juggies before 11pm;
- 1-for-1 housepour juggies & draught beer from 11pm - 12mn;
- Purchase a bottle at regular price and get the 2nd bottle at 50% off;
- Absolut Vodka at $158+ per bottle all night;
- Moet & Chandon Champagne (Twin Bottle Promo) at $99+ per bottle all night;
- 1-for-1 Vodka Redbull Juggies from 2am - 3am;
- Jagerbomb at $10nett from 2am - 3am;
- 2 bottles of Cordon Bleu at $598+ all night

Minimum age of entry is 18. Standard club rules apply. Entry is not guaranteed if club is full.

Mr.Tantric Pageant is a male beauty pageant held at Singapore's Premier Gay Bar/Club - Tantric Bar ( website )

Take a peek at last year's Mr.Tantric 2009 Photos!

The 8-Finalists of Mr.Tantric Singapore 2009

Parading down onto the stage. Hmm...How come we can't get trunks like that in Malaysia?!!!

Look at the predominantly "male" crowd. Guess their eyes have been very busy on that night! - So, anyone of you were in the crowd as well? - Hehehehe

......The sleeveless guy in da pic should have joined the contest as well ....

The 30 year old hunk from Bedok, Singapore!

Now, i think it's an unanimous decision from the judges as well as the crowd, that Mr. Andy Josh Lim truly deserved to win Mr.Tantric 2009 - Look at his Nipple Ring!! - With a ring dangling onto his pink, protruding nipple, - How can any gays won't be "killed" by Andy Josh Lim - leh?!!!

From L-R: 1st Runnerup: Eddie Sharky
Winner: Andy Josh Lim
2nd Runnerup - Keith

Celebration. Keith on the far left. Aaren Hs on the far right.

Random photos of Josh found on the net...

Red Definitely Stands for HOT!


Eddie Sharky also won the Mr.Physique for the night as well!

The Straight Guy who doesn't need the help from the "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" FAB 5's...!

This is what he wrote in his blog :

" The top prize was something like $1000 cash, modelling contract with Looque Models (, other goodies like Fabulous Tan packages, Shiseido for Men hamper and ..a lot of other stuff lar " . -- Hmm.Maybe this can explain why a straight guy like Kenneth Ting willing to participate in an gay event?!

Andy Josh is the one with the nipple ring...

" If anything, i felt that i got hard done by a tough question. "What do you think are the challenges of young gay people in recent years?" And seeing that the event was held on a Gay Night at Zirca..... I would think its a very sensitive question for a straight guy like myself to answer. And its not like i have extensive knowledge of challenges brought against the gay society. LoL i mean, other questions were like "what magazine cover would u like to be on?" was so much more generic and easy. "  --

Well, he could just answer that "All these years i've been straight! After seeing so many handsome studs tonight, maybe i shall try my hands on being gay?!!!!" -- Well, i doubt so -- Sigh...

" Some of the things Kenneth Thing had to prepared for the event:
  1. Daily gym
  2. Sun tanned thrice in a week (and since i was so busy, i forked out a bit of money for Fabulous Tan.. save me time and i can go at anytime.) 
  3. Had to totally clean out any bodily hair just to wear that skimpy swimming trunks they provide us. 
  4. I enjoyed myself despite narrowly missing 3rd place (i was just a negligible amount of points shy from being 3rd.) the top 2 were clear favourites. but surprisingly i had a lot of cheers as well. so thanks again :)  
Now...You see how straight guys in Singapore can really indulge in gay related activities without the fear of being called a FAGGOT?! - C'mon Straight Malaysian Guys!!

Haha..No wonder all the girls crowding around Kenneth Ting since i presume, he's the only straight guy among the contestants! Hehe

Over here, you can watch Kenneth Ting doing some jiggy'ing while being intro by the emcee....

SO GUYS! What are you waiting for?!!! Maybe we can expect the quality of this year's Mr.Tantric much more better than last year?!!!! 
Rmember to Mark your Calendarand take more pictures ya!


William said...

Not bad, not bad at all! All so lean and toned. The nipple ring!

Rob said...

So many hunky muscle boys! Delicious! Makes me want to go back to Singapore :-)

simonlover said...

@William: Hehe. U ask KHorny BF to pierce one first-lar!

@Rob: Just curious Rob, which country are you from? Australia?

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